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Back To School Products You'll Want To Show Your Friends


You know it’s fall: You are no longer sticking to other sweaty humans on the subway. The love of your life is in the kitchen right now, brewing coffee and making your morning oatmeal with apples and cinnamon. The A/C unit in the window is turned off. The closet in your hallway is finally clean—leaving space for shiny new things. Do you know what this all means? That it’s time to log in to your Amazon Prime account. Because no matter your age or profession, September will never not feel like back-to-school time. As adults, this is an opportunity for an overall reset—a new routine, a fresh take. Maybe a haircut! Since Samantha Wilson has already preached to you about the cleansing benefits of exorcising your Top Shelf in time for the season change, here are some nice things to replenish that shelf with. They’re the kinds of pretty trinkets that make you remember why you’re obsessed with products in the first place, but are not frivolous either—each one has its practical side. Regardless, you’ll want to take them out at brunch just to give them the screen time they deserve. Here are the reasons why:

Anya Hindmarch Makeup Case

Coming from the designer who opened her first London shop at the ripe age of 19 (what were you doing at 19?), this Anya Hindmarch silver-lined makeup case is efficient—with just enough space to accomodate everything on this list, nothing more. Keeping with the Marie Kondo-inspired theme of your fall beauty exorcism.

Mejuri Gold Hoop Earrings

Is there anything not to like about a minimalistic jewelry line that sells quality pieces at accessible prices? Please speak now before everything at Mejuri sells out. It’s already the most worn jewelry brand at Glossier HQ and the reason it’s cool is not just because the pieces are good, but also because anyone can comfortably wear them everywhere, all the time. If there is just one standalone item you should have on your back-to-school shopping list though, it’s a pair of gold hoops. To further persuade you, know that 60 percent of the Brand Marketing team at Glossier wears their gold Editor Hoops daily, while every other product from Mejuri can be seen in at least some capacity out on the streets of New York City year-round.

Nemat Fragrance Oil

For the person whose favorite beauty product is fragrance, it’s tough to find perfumes that smell incredible, last the day, and aren’t upwards of $150 dollars a bottle. But Nemat fragrances—which are alcohol free and available at Whole Foods for around $20—were reintroduced to us by Ruby Aldridge and check all of the above boxes. They’ve got quite the range of scents, all of them intriguing. Ruby wears Narcissus, but White Musk and Amber are both equally as good.

Canmake Cream Cheek

ITG is happy to report that these adorable blush pots are readily available to you within 24 hours via Amazon Prime for a cool $7 each. Not only that, but the product, while technically a cream, goes on with a fairly powdery, matte finish, making it the perfect little thing to keep in your pocket for easy application sans mirror. Just don’t forget to take it out when you throw your clothes in the wash—a lesson learned the hard way.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin

Any product that comes in a tin is great. Namely Bag Balm for cuts and bruises. Then this, the OG of lip balms. The packaging is kind of old-school cute in a way that’s easy to pack and will never break no matter what you do. It’s on this list because you can use it on your face and your body and your hair alike.

Proenza Schouler x Lancôme Lip Kajal Duo

Pencils. That’s back-to-school, right? Great because Lancôme’s got a fresh new four-pack, care of its fall collaboration with Proenza Schouler. Each “pencil” arrives pointy and long—perfect for a very precise matte lip. Flip the pencil to top off with a matching layer of sheer gloss. Or wear the gloss or lipstick alone. Up to you.

Surratt Lid Lacquer

So many products have tried to do what this one does: Deliver a sheer wash of non-matte color that doesn’t crease and stays all day. Wear alone or over a more pigmented shadow. Great shade range; fall beauty look ready; buy now.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler

Here's an early morning schdule trick to look less tired—curl your lashes. It really does help. With the red crimping strip, this curler feels luxe—and it really lasts. See also: The new documentary about the legendary Kevyn Aucoin, Beauty & The Beast In Me. A must-watch.

Hair Rituel by Sisley Regenerating Hair Care Mask

Summer is a time for the slicked-back, but shiny, bouncy hair is fall's mantra. For that, there's Sisley’s Regenerating Hair Mask. It’s smooth, not watery or waxy, and the smell of super expensive salon lingers after a rinse. Apply liberally to damp hair and let it sit there all day. By the time you wash it out, hair will be restored to its former glory—actually, better. Just to prove you still haven’t peaked.

Corpus Natural Deodorant

Not much is asked of deodorants: Work, and don’t kill us in the process. Everyone’s got their own barometer for that, but it would be hard to find someone who couldn’t agree on Corpus’ new entry into the category. The naturally derived deodorant comes in five different herbal scents (they’re polarizing, but there’s probably one you’ll love—ITG suggests No. Green or Santalum to start) in a mint green tube that’s excellent apartment decor. Wear it under all your sweaters knowing it won’t pill off or leave you smelling like you actually smell without deodorant—like a human who dressed too warmly for the fact that September and October are definitely still summer months in terms of temperature.

Mustela Hydra Bébé Body Lotion

In the words of Kendall Latham, Glossier's Senior Experiential Designer, “even though I’m not technically a baby…” It's hard not to really love this body lotion. Rub it all over your body the second you get out of the shower. The scent is just right, and it leaves your skin as soft as a technical baby’s. French and affordable—added to cart.

The Nue Co Probiotics

It’s 2018—doesn’t everyone have a gut issue by now? Time to hop on the probiotics train, and what better place to start than with these fancy ones. Made with good bacteria and prebiotics—the stuff that feeds the good bacteria—these supplements will keep your digestive system flowing and flourishing. Even if you don’t have a history of stomach drama, as the book goes, everyone poops. Shrug.

Glossier Zit Stick

Wouldn't high school have been a lot easier if you'd kept a spot treatment in your backpack? That time may be gone, but your hormones are not—and they continue to surprise you! Luckily you have this in your bag now...

Photographed by Tom Newton.