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Time To Restructure Your Medicine Cabinet


There’s something about transitioning into fall that makes me want to burn my entire wardrobe, house, makeup bag, and skincare routine to the ground. It feels like a necessary time to turn over a new leaf. A new me! Summer plays games with my skin—maybe something to do with the lack of routine (aka laziness) on my part. But also because of the weather's extreme extremes. That’s why this period of weather wind down where it transitions into crisp sweater season is the perfect time to clear house and get everything into tidy, precise order—so I can hit the ground running before anyone can say “Pumpkin Spice La—"...love a clean slate. I perform what I call my (seasonally appropriate) fall skincare exorcism. Dramatic, yes. But also very effective! This is how I get there:

1. Identify the demon

Before I begin my ritual, I need to be crystal clear about what I’m dealing with. Am I over exfoliating? Am I neglecting my skin? Is it dehydrated? Am I using the proper amount of sunscreen? Standing with two feet firmly planted on the ground, I look right into the mirror and stare whatever the "demon" is directly in the face. Only then can I assess the damage and reflect on past sins I’ve committed—probably sugar-y frozen margarita related—so I can avoid them moving forward.

2. Expulsion

Once I’ve had this revelation I have to act quickly. The best way to jumpstart change is to dramatically rip everything I’ve been using out of my medicine cabinet and set it aside in a box. After the coast is clear, I’ll wipe down every surface and begin a vicious cycle of Pinterest surfing for organizational inspiration.

The next logical step is to open my laptop and quickly book myself a facial before I change my mind. I’m serious! There’s no reset like having a professional massage every inch of my face into its new glory and tell me what's happening on it. I always opt in for extractions (duh). Also important—I make time for my yearly scalp reset. I use this Hair Detox from Rahua because it gets rid of any buildup that’s holding me back from my best hair ever.

3. Find A Higher Power

Now that I’ve made it here, it’s time to refuel my product lineup. Transitioning my skincare routine from summer to fall means choosing a line that will keep things as straightforward as possible. My no-fail system is to get the appropriate cleanser and moisturizer for my skin type—not just whatever looks exciting in my medicine cabinet. Avène is always a safe bet. I stick to those two things for at least one month, keeping all other hoarded products in a box, out of sight and out of mind. This is the 'Whole 30' of skincare elimination diets. Consistency is key in my new ritual. Only when I’ve done my due diligence can I bring back the fun things...a topic for another season.

4. Resurrect

After all of the above is signed, sealed and delivered, it’s time to put the cherry on top. Also known as a full restructuring of my medicine cabinet. I’m in love with these mini risers I get on Amazon that keep everything tidy and easily seen. Like many other highly organized people in the universe, I have a million small glass jars on hand at all times to keep cotton products cozy. I use egg cups for everything else because they fit nicely on a shelf. Feeling organized and pared down, it's time I crack out my lighter and burn Palo Santo for a soothing moment...and to clear out any lingering chaotic evil.

—Samantha Wilson

Photo via ITG.