Serena Williams


"It’s hard with a baby and everything, so I really have to force myself to take time [for myself]. One of the ways I do it is with sheet masks—I love those. And then I love these undereye masks, too. I just do that and sit in my La-Z-Boy—that’s super relaxing for me. My favorite is a gold one I got in London, at Harrod’s. I also just started using products from this brand called Chenot—I got them in Italy when I was on that fabulous vacation. So, I do cleanser, toner, obviously SPF, moisturizer, and eye cream. Right now I’m wearing SPF 50 from Chenot—I want to look young! I never leave home without it, or a hat.

I have this whole natural vibe. Just a little concealer, just a little brow, just a little contour, just a little lip. Natural. That’s it. And obviously mascara. I don’t do foundation—I just use concealer and blend it, which keeps it kind of natural but still fabulous. I work with people a lot, but I can totally do a red carpet look [on my own]. I use a little bit of everything—the Nars concealer, the Anastasia eyebrow, and Anastasia lips, also. Then there are Huda lips—I love those. I use Bobbi Brown over my Nars to blend it, then I use a MAC contour. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the perfect contour kit. A good one for me is something I can travel with. I’m such a beauty junkie—it’s pathetic, actually. Honestly, I love going to Sephora—I could spend hours in there. I think every girl can, though. The one thing I need to do better is to get more facials. Chenot is by far my favorite spa—I use their products, and I went to their spa every day for seven days when I was in Italy. I was like a mummy afterwards—preserved!

For my hair, I basically just use coconut oil. One new thing that I’m trying is argan oil—I love it for my curly hair. I use [exfoliating] gloves for my body—when I’m in the locker room and I’ve got to go fast, I just throw on the gloves, and then that way I can get a scrub in and be done. I’ve been told I have soft skin."

—as told to ITG

Serena Williams photographed by Tom Newton at her Serena pop up in New York on August 24, 2018.