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We Have A Winner In ITG's March Madness Battle Of The Dupes!


In this, the second year of ITG's Annual March Madness tournament, a trend is beginning to emerge. When you pit products against each other, there's no telling who will win any given throw down. Sometimes favorites lose out in the first round; other times Nivea inexplicably makes it through to the final battle. But when betting on the ultimate winner, look for the product with the cult-like following. It has nothing to do with price; it has even less to do with ease-of-use. All it has to have is a merry band of evangelists ready to vote on its every tweet. Such was the case with last year's winner, Drunk Elephant's C-Firma Day Serum. And so too with the 2018 champion. Drumroll, please...

It is ITG's highest honor to present Rihanna, and her Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, with the top prize this year. Congratulations, Rih! Along with the very large trophy, it would be our pleasure to award you a Top Shelf feature on this very site. Email us; we'll set it up at your earliest convenience. Gloss Bomb is bomb by the way—and constantly in the bags and on the lips of several people at Glossier HQ. The tint is barely there, for just a bit of beige-y, pinky dew. And hella sparkles. But that's the key to pouty, puffy lips—they've got to reflect some light. For lip gloss lovers, it's the ultimate. For lip gloss skeptics, it's novelty enough to take a risk on. Rihanna would never lead you astray. Neither would the ITG electorate, who wisely chose this product. We salute you dear readers.

But more importantly, we salute you, dear Rihanna.

Forever yours,

Proud members of the Rihanna Navy

Photo via Getty.