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We Have A Winner In ITG's March Madness Product Gauntlet!

And just like that, it was over. No more voting; no more internet brawls about whether Nuxe Precious Oil or Biafine is the more useful (or useless?) product; no more hiding in the bathroom while crying because the L'Oréal Lumi Cushion got shut out in the FIRST FREAKING ROUND. How does that happen?!? Inevitably, time marches on and we have to pick a winner. And pick a winner we did.

2017 MarchMadnessBracket-ITG Hi-Res Final

A very hearty congratulations goes out to Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, this year's Product Gauntlet champion. We see you're putting that funding to good use already! But is it a surprise, really? Vitamin C is a hot commodity in beauty products these days, as it helps with everything from discoloration to breakouts to boosting sun protection. And Drunk Elephant's comes in air-tight, light-proof packaging, which everyone knows is very important for keeping your vitamin C from going bad. All around, a very good competitor.

But what about you? How did you fare? Post your brackets—winners or not—below and keep the conversation going. When beauty products fight for our love, we all win.

'Til next year, with love and basketball,

Product bracket designed by Melati Diran. Relive the madness here.