ITG's 2018 March Madness Bracket Is Here!

After Year 1 was such a rollicking success, there was no way we weren't going to bring it back for 2018. So ready or not, get ready for: ITG's Annual March Madness — The Battle Of The Dupes. Not quite as consequential as your Bachelor office fantasy pool (congrats to all those who saw potential in Lauren B. after one episode), but a bit more useful than your NCAA winners, print a few out, distribute between friends and enemies alike, and let the warm tide of beauty product camaraderie wash over you.

This year, it's going to be a bit different. When serums and moisturizers can't shoot three-pointers, you've gotta get creative. Right off the bat, we're throwing out the conferences. (Want a refresher? Try this.) Let's abandon the restraints of understood categories and go straight for the jugular. 2018 is all about mano-a-mano combat; one-on-one confrontation. There will be gorgeous, luxury products immediately pitted against their less expensive, formulaic brethren in arms, the dupes. Only the strongest will prevail. And it's all in your Twitter-loving, well-manicured hands.

No seriously—it's all you. You even picked these dupes. The following bracket was sourced completely from your expert suggestions in this article. So there's no excuse not to have an opinion. Which is how this whole thing works. Each round is up to Twitter polls—cast your vote for each competition, and the products with the most votes will excel to the next round, where it will be pitted against another product. Then you'll vote again. And on and on until there is one true champion to rule them all. (Don't worry, there's only three rounds.)

But who's playing first, you ask? See below:

2018 MarchMadnessBracket-ITG-02
Right click and open in a new tab to see it bigger.

Fill out your bracket and post below. What've you got to lose?

And where do you vote? Well, right here. See you on the flipside...