A Very Super Mario Holiday Makeup Collection


Anyone else still crying over not being able to get the SNES [Editor's note: That's Super Nintendo Entertainment System to you] mini classic a few weeks ago? No...just me? At least Super Mario Odyssey just came out so I can “borrow” my friend’s Nintendo Switch. Still lost, editors? Well anyway! Since Shu Uemura's holiday collection just happens to be a Super Mario Bros "beauty adventure," things are looking up for me. The ITG team asked me to step in with some reviews (I'm a engineer on the team—I built this!) since they were all like "Toadette who?" Of course, there's no need to be a video game fan to enjoy these—but I would imagine it'd help. See for yourself:

Cleansing Oil Shampoo + Conditioner

These bottles are probably the cutest part of the entire collection, even if the level it references is probably one of the most traumatizing memories of my childhood. Key differences between this set and other shampoos/conditioners: the yuzu scent is intoxicating (almost makes me feel like I should be showering with Evian) and my hair is no longer a tangled mess when I step out of the shower. Bonus star: I can finally listen to the underwater theme song without clenching every muscle in my body now.

Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Original Oil

If there were a warp pipe from Soho to a Shu Uemura beauty counter, I would have bought this oil before my double process in February. This super luxe oil only requires one pump to completely hydrate my ends and leaves my hair soft and shiny.

Master Wax

I’m not an adventurous person when it comes to hair. It took me six-to-eight years to finally dye my hair blonde (TY Colleen @ Spoke and Weal) and up until that point, the only way I wore my hair was down or in a ponytail. I’m still looking to achieve the perfect bedhead look. Every time I try with this wax, I think of my favorite Mario Party game: Face Lift. Watch the video. You’ll understand why.

Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

It’s been over 10 years (!) since the Nintendo Wii was introduced to the world. And 10 years ago, I was using the Anti-Oxi + Skin Refining version of the cleanser for the first time. I don’t remember why I ever stopped using it, but forget about your other eye makeup removers and cleansers. This one oil will get rid of the most stubborn products and leave your white towels white. Even if this special Mario one isn’t for you, browse through the six other variants for what that best suits your needs.

Eyelash Curler

I was scarred by an incident during college when I pulled out half of my eyelashes from my left eye with this particular curler so I opted out of testing this one... Go ahead and read this review instead.

Tint In Balm

Remember when you got your first fire flower power up and hit the “B” button nonstop to defeat all of the baddies? Don’t do that with this packaging since you won’t be able to get the bullet back in. These balms are glossy, have an amazing color payoff and stay put. They also deserve a bonus star for the wearer's ability to eat a burger and fries without having to reapply.

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick

Usually I don't wear lipstick because I'm too lazy to touchup throughout the day, and I always forget to bring my makeup with me during the day. Yet somehow, I managed to wear two shades (M RD187 and M PK375) almost every day for two weeks. How? Subconsciously, I think the fireworks on the packaging made me feel like I'd accomplished something before 9AM. I didn’t do the burger test with this one, but the color lasted throughout the work day—faded evenly—without leaving my lips dry and cracked.

Fresh Cushion Blush

I was a bit skeptical when Emily Ferber showed me the blush in a shade that reminded me of Toadette. The majority of my wardrobe and makeup consists of black, black, and more black. Two weeks later, I caved, and was surprised by how sheer yet buildable the blush was. If you love a dewy look, this blush was made for you. Just don’t go overboard and end up looking like Kirby.

Skin Perfector Yuzu Makeup Refresher Mist

To be honest, I never understood the hype around mists. I still don’t, yet somehow can't leave my apartment without spritzing myself a few times. I love the scent of Yuzu, but I do wonder why Shu Uemura didn't create a Peach and Daisy scent…

—Kate Park

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