The Two-Step Holographic Eye


A new beauty release from Chanel is an event at ITG HQ not unlike a human birth—only the order of operations changes a bit. First, the stork drops off the branded black bag (with affixed white paper camellia flower, a perfect ivory even after 50 blocks of messenger travel). Then there's screaming, and then, everything goes quiet. You would think we'd never seen an eyeshadow quad before—yet there we are, cradling it like a newborn, waiting for it to speak, afraid it might break if we press too hard.

Then, it's playtime. We understand this process is a lot longer and more fraught for people who have just given birth. For us, it spans about 10 minutes.

Usually we're playing by ourselves, but this time, we had Florida-born, Victoria's Secret Pink-bred model Zuri Tibby. It was maybe the most serendipitous moment in ITG shoot history when Zuri showed up sporting a holographic gunmetal Chanel bag that ended up serving as the shoot's biggest reference. The metallic leather looked both pewter and purple at once. And it's, you know, Chanel. That never hurts.

A dimensional bag deserves a dimensional eye—achieved, fittingly, in Chanel. (Consistency.) But this isn't about painstakingly layering pigments and hoping for the best. Just stick to two metallic opposites—like the new Ombre Premiere Powder in Vibrant Violet and the silver from the less new Les 4 Ombres in Ombré de Lune. Dust one on the eyelid and precisely line the lower lashes with the other. Zuri matched the purple of the eye with a light glossing of Rouge Coco Caractère on the lips, and the whole thing was done quicker than it took for the products to arrive in the first place. It's exhilarating to get new Chanel, but it's marvelous to see it worn beautifully (and easily) in action on Zuri. Team ITG sheds a collective tear: They grow up so fast.

Zuri Tibby photographed by Tom Newton.

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