Andreea Diaconu, Model


"The first thing I do before I go out is give myself a little face massage. Then I put on the Tracie Martyn Exfoliating Mask, leave that for 15 minutes, and during that time I'll figure out what to wear. It really depends on where I'm going. I have a bunch of slip dresses—I have this gorgeous vintage Kenzo dress that I wore once, but it's amazing. My night out is definitely not the typical black dress. I have these velvet Betsey Johnson pants and I'll wear them with gold shoes and an orange tee, and I'll call it a day. Whatever gives me flexibility to dance.

Then I rinse off the mask and put on the Tracie Martyn Resculpting Cream and the Firming Serum around my eyes. If I'm showing skin, I'll moisturize my body. I don't have my oils here, they're in Rockaway. We go there in the summer, and we'll cook and throw dance parties, it's amazing. Tonight I'll just use whatever oil I have, and whatever's left, I'll put on my lips and cheeks.

If I’m going for a lip color I’ll do MAC Ruby Woo, just a little. Then I put some Troi Ollivierre Stain and Lip Glow in Plum over that. I love his products, I want to live with him. I mix the two, pat my lips with a piece of paper, and dab the extra on my cheeks. Sometimes I put a little eyeshadow on to matte them out. I'll go put on my shoes and maybe change it around—really funky shoes or really comfortable shoes. I like getting vintage, but my feet are so big that it’s hard to find any. I’m a 41, which is like an 11. If I’m in a rut and I don’t have any shoes I’ll go to Miu Miu. Miu Miu makes the best heels, but then they also make the weirdest ones, too.

I’ll do eyeliner—I look hot with eyeliner. I do a smudgy eye. I have this eyebrow pencil from Dior that's the perfect thing, it's a pencil on one end so I can fill and a brush on the other so I can stand them up. On my eyelids, I'll just dab on shadow with my finger. Not too perfect.

I think I learned how to do my makeup because I never learned how to do my hair. It's so long now, it's hard to style it. Now I just use some spray and some oil—I like to add moisture. Usually I'll put the Rahua Oil on my hair, body, and face, and I'll do a little braid and hang out at the house. I have to go tomorrow to get a haircut at Serge Normant, but usually, I do it myself. James Pecis taught me how. You've just got to do it. You won’t believe how easy it is.

If I get home and I'm a little tipsy, I'll take off my makeup with the Serge Lutens Makeup Remover Pads that are so good. It's a pleasure to take my makeup off. I also floss before and after. If it's an early night, I might take a bath. I really like Pursoma Hot Tub Bath, or the Frank Body Scrub, which I've been using for awhile. But sometimes we'll go back out, go to karaoke, go dancing again. Then we'll walk around until 5 AM and all fall asleep together, and wake up and make pancakes. Just real quality time with friends. That's a memorable night."

—as told to ITG

Andreea Diaconu photographed by Tom Newton at her home in New York on February 8, 2017.