The Glossier HQ Guide To Decorating Your Apartment


Hi everyone! Dilan and Christa here. If you don't know us, we’re part of Glossier's Creative team, meaning we work on everything from producing campaign shoots to developing product packaging. Also, a big part of our job is designing offline events for our community. That's anything from a pop-up at Beautycon to the set of our Top Shelf Live talks. We do this kind of thing a lot—case in point, we've transformed our own Glossier HQ penthouse into a showroom space for some of our launches. (Maybe you stopped by last summer? Or after Phase 2 launched?)

Each experience is unique, but we tend to come back to a few staple pieces that make it into every space. Five cool things, if you will. Here are a couple things that help us set the right mood every time. Follow along and vibe out with us:

  1. Build your own collage
    Our office is roughly 75% covered in moodboards. They make for great, cheap, expansive art. All you'll need is a foam core board, scissors, images you like enough to look at for a while, and nice-looking push pins. A couple of tips: Don't get hung up on content, get hung up on hanging. Find the perfect space first. And keep in mind that the negative space around your images is as important as the images themselves. Editorial images are great, but you could even use something as simple as Pantone chips to build it out.

  2. Plants!
    You don’t have to be born with a green thumb to entertain and execute your own in-home fantasy jungle. Which is why these gals got our back: Brrch, for rich, baroque naturalism; Meta Flora, for contemporary, West Coast formalism; and Wyld, for sustainable plants that will live on and on as long you water them. Follow them all on Instagram for inspiration and then get wild with some bodega flowers.

  3. Smells like...
    Buy a candle that looks as nice as it smells—that way it can become a design object in addition to a mood-setter. Glossier Showrooms have smelled like various Byredo candles (Loose Lips, Carrousel, and Burning Rose specifically), but to spread the love, we'd like to shout out Cannabis by Malin + Goetz. Smells like a hunky carpenter from Colorado that has a thing for dark chocolate. Perfect for a night in with B & J's Half Baked ice cream.

  4. A mirror for the Narcissus in all of us
    Not to sound snobby, but custom is the way to go. (Honestly, it's cheaper than a lot of other custom things out there.) Really, there is nothing like a mirror that melts seamlessly into its surroundings. New Yorkers should hit up Wanco Glass right by the East Broadway F and tell Pattie that Dilan says hi. Cash only. It's the best thing to make that 300 sq. ft. dungeon of an apartment seem breathable.

  5. Paint something #glossierpink
    Benjamin Moore's Flush Pink is a very close match. Or have your neighborhood Sherwin Williams shade match our Pantone 705. Makes for a great weekend activity if you're looking for something to do while wearing overalls.

—Dilan & Christa

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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