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Watch: Top Shelf Live, With Emily Weiss & Jen Atkin

Last summer, for our first Top Shelf Live—an event inspired by the interviews on this very site—Emily Weiss chatted with some of our main chicks about what beauty means to them. It went so well that we decided to come back for round two. This time, we kept it cozy: just Emily and Jen Atkin, the celebrity hairstylist and creator of new haircare line Ouai, plus 150-some attendees. (For future events, sign up to hear about all things Glossier here.)

Conversation was casual, as all good Top Shelves are, but with its fair share of potent quotables. Highlights are below for your video scrubbing pleasure. Or watch the whole thing if you're into girl gangs.

The Conversation
2:40 - How Jen got into hair

5:20 - Self-esteem tips for when you work with the Kardashians

11:10 - How Jen developed Ouai

16:00 - What the name "Ouai" means exactly

19:20 - Snapchat! as described by the Queen of Snapchat

22:20 - Why beauty vloggers are the future

25:20 - Always support other women

The Q&A
29:30 - How do you manage the pressure and expectations of being a female leader?

33:50 - What happens when you just want some privacy?

41:00 - How do you preserve your brand while also expanding to brick & mortar and beyond?

46:50 - How do you balance caring about how you look and not caring too much about how you look?

49:31 - Do you have plans to continue developing existing products so that they work better?

51:55 - What is next?

55:28 - What one piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to work in beauty?

58:26 - How do you go about setting goals for yourself and for your business when you're in the midst of things?

Video shot and edited by Lindsay Mann.

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