GLITTER!!!!! A How-To.

Oh, glitter. You get such a bad rap. But it's kind of your fault—let's be honest. You're clingy, you show up in places you aren't welcome, and you don't do well with authority. But you're so damn beautiful, glitter! And that's why we just can't shake you. No, literally—we just can't shake you. Out of a bottle. According to one miss Amy Odell, BuzzFeed Fashion editrix and former Queen of The Cut, glitter is best applied via the soft pads of your fingertips, onto bare eyelids, letting the chips pretty much fall where they may. And she would know: before her days as a leading fashion critic for the digital age, we discovered during her Top Shelf shoot (stand by!), Odell was an EDM (“Electronic dance music!”)-loving NYU student with a packed festival schedule and a trend-averse penchant for glitter. To this day, the majority of the makeup real-estate in her bathroom is occupied by little bottles of the sparkly stuff, despite the fact that she rarely has the occasion to wear it anymore. Well, lo and behold, Odell! You know where you can indulge in all of your messy metallic ways? With Team ITG (and, like, 500,000 people). So in the spirit of high summer, crop tops, roof parties, and dancing, let's take a page from the Amy Odell playbook and learn how to do glitter right, once and for all.