The DIY Lip Scrub

Baking Soda
Baking Soda

The perfect lipstick application (let alone the testing of multiple lipsticks—and here at the Gloffice, we try on a lot of lip colors) requires a smooth, even, flake-free lip.

Repeated lipstick application and removal means a lot of stained cotton pads and eventually, the kind of mouth-surrounding slight redness (from rubbing with the aforementioned pads) that you get when you've been making out with someone. Not in that cute lip stain way, but in a “this person has been trying to eat my face and might have stubble' way. It also means a lot of lip dryness.

We've talked about Fresh's Sugar Lip Polish before, and a few of you have told us about making your own sugar/honey concoctions for curing chapped lips. We've been feeling more DIY-friendly as of late (it's Fall! Maybe we're nesting?), so when Nick said there was a recipe in the Ben Affleck-covered October issue of his oft-referenced Details magazinefor a lip scrub, our ears perked up. Under “Health & Fitness,” the mag quotes Dr. Francesca Fusco (Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine):

“Dip your toothbrush into a small bowl filled with baking soda and sugar. Gently brush your lips with the mixture to exfoliate dead skin.” then dab on Aquaphor Lip Repair to keep them hydrated and smooth.”

Note: First of all, we would not use our regular toothbrush for this, nor would we advise you to do so (although some hardy types out there probably use that Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste, so do as you like). Second: Vaseline or any ol' lip balm will probably do as far as hydrating/smoothing, but Aquaphor is a good bet. But, what do you think? When it comes to lip scrubs, do you DIY or buy?