Not All Cotton Pads Are Made Alike

Koh Gen Do Cotton Pads
Koh Gen Do Cotton Pads

... you'd know if you picked some up in a French pharmacy: they're softer than anything you can find in an American drugstore, and, often, organic. But the puffs that trump all puffs have got to be from Japanese cosmetics brand Koh Gen Do (you might already be familiar with their foundation). These 100% cotton squares come protected in boxes—no smushed rolls here—and have that slightly creamy color and grainy consistency that implies “I have not been bleached!” Save your $1.99 discs for removing nail polish, and treat your face (be it with toner, Crealine, or whatever other potion you fancy) with these bad boys. Humming “ The touch, the feel...' is optional.

You can pick them up ($12 for 60 pads) here.