Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain + Balm

Just Bitten
Just Bitten

Lip stains should be quick, easy, and painless (cheap is, as always, also a major plus, though we draw the line at just pinching our lips for color)—the whole point being a semi-permanent way to look like you’ve been interrupted mid-make-out session...or, as Revlon puts it, Just Bitten.

Meghan Collison told Emily the dual-ended lip stain/balm was one of her go-tos (“I like my lips to look alive”), Jenna Goldsmith said she uses Gothicunder a balm or lipstick to “deepen the color and make it last.” Gucci Westman favors Midnight, and Harley Viera-Newton confessed to buying in bulk: “I have every single color. I’m a big fan of lipstains as opposed to lipsticks for the daytime, just because I feel like it’s a little more natural and easier to maintain.” Go on, we'll bite...