Presenting The Final Four In ITG's March Madness

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At Long Last: Glossier Phase 2 Is Back!

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Tomorrow: The Glossier Showroom Hosts Paintbox

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Open Thread

What's Your Take On The Makeup Tax?

Many women enjoy makeup—but a lot of women feel pressured to get made-up in order to achieve professional success. Is that fair?Read more >

The Top Shelf

Sunny Hostin, Legal Analyst, CNN

You learn a lot about good mattifying primers and under-eye concealer when your job is to sit under TV lightsRead more >


Inside The Glossier 2015 Summer Showroom

The Glossier 2015 Summer Showroom is now closed, but here's a look back at last summer's penthouse celebrationRead more >

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Hi Caitlyn!

A breakdown of the hair, makeup, and nails on Caitlyn Jenner's mic-drop of a Vanity Fair cover shootRead more >


Why There Were No Women On Our Homepage For International Women's Day

We're honoring International Women's Day by participating in the Clinton Foundation's Not There campaignRead more >

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How Pat McGrath Preps For Fashion Week

It involves trunks full of false lashes and a really reliable spot treatmentRead more >


Understanding HeForShe

A new kind of “sticking it to the man”Read more >