Arielle Pardes

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A Farewell To Microbeads

The Microbead Free Waters Act has been signed into effect—here's why it's importantRead more >

Open Thread

What's Your Take On The Makeup Tax?

Many women enjoy makeup—but a lot of women feel pressured to get made-up in order to achieve professional success. Is that fair?Read more >

The Review

Nail Masks Are The New Sheet Masks

Get one step closer to full-body mummification in the quest for no more dry skin anywhereRead more >

The Extras

Your Biotin Might Not Be Working, Unfortunately

The popular supplement said to help grow your hair and nails could also be giving you acne (in addition to not actually growing your hair or nails)Read more >

The Experience

Adventures In At-Home Dermarolling

Because putting microneedles into your face is fun to do when you don't have plans on a Thursday nightRead more >

The Extras

A Primer On Alcohol In Skincare

There is such a thing as "fancy alcohol," and that's the one you want to useRead more >