At Long Last: Glossier Phase 2 Is Back!


It's baaaack! Phase 2 is fully back in stock on as of this morning: Generation G Sheer Matte Lipsticks, Stretch Concealers, and Boy Brows galore.

Thank you so much for your patience with us these past few months. As we mentioned before, the overwhelming demand for these products when they first launched in March totally wiped us out. We aim to keep getting better at predicting demand and shortening lead times, so as not to disappoint you.

For now, though—rejoice! Your favorite lipsticks and concealers are back in the full shade range. And if you haven't tried yet, or are new to the brand, we hope you'll scoop up a Phase 2 set. Let us know what you think!

Happy shopping,

Emily Weiss

P.S. Perfecting Skin Tints will be back shortly but not just yet. We’re still working on those suckers.

Photo via Instagram.