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Tomorrow: John Barrett's Braid Bar At Glossier


Well-done braids are commonly known as the most resilient of summer hairstyles. And since your weekends are so busy these days (we presume...), why not get your hair out of the way Friday afternoon? Specifically tomorrow afternoon at the Glossier Summer Fridays Showroom. Hairstylists from John Barrett, the perfecters of the “braid bar,” will be on hand all day to weave everyone's hair into customized designs (they've got a menu, but we've teamed up to create four new styles that you can only get here). Also on hand: Juice Press. Should be a good time.

See you tomorrow!

Photographed by Edith Young.

Not in NY? Don't worry. Rubi Jones can show you how to get a waterfall braid on your own (or with a friend).