The American Korean Bathhouse: A Review

Tales from an authentic Korean jimjilbang, and it's American counterpart, Spa Castle, that runs Living Social dealsRead more >

Open Thread

The Curse Of A Baby Face

The downside of a good skincare routine is getting handed the children's menu in your mid-twentiesRead more >

The Backstage


The smirks, grins, and LOLs of fashion week, because this stuff is funRead more >

Glossier HQ

Follow Friday: @Glossier

Glossier is coming soon. And it's pretty awesome.Read more >

Open Thread

Do You Wear Workout Gear Everywhere But The Gym?

And why are we kidding ourselves with non-stretch fabrics and things like buttons?Read more >

Word of Mouth

The Imaginary Orange Trick

Some posture guidance for the women of 2014Read more >

Open Thread

Is Your Phone An Archive Of Past Sexts?

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is susceptible to a nude photo leakRead more >

The Makeup

Pores, Sweat, & Instagram

Why it's all about trying to look like you haven't tried at allRead more >

Open Thread

What didn't you get wrong in high school?

In celebration of the journey that is youth, and recognizing that being young doesn't always translate to being dumb, I ask: what did you get right?Read more >


A Hamam Revelation

An experience even the most reticent of massagees could loveRead more >

The Review

Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

Like a meditation session, but it fits in your purseRead more >

Book Club

Open Thread: Was She Pretty?

Asking the tough questions about your lover's previous loversRead more >

The Makeup

In The Eyelid Of The Beholder

One woman's journey toward monolid acceptance, through pots and pots of MAC eyelinerRead more >

The Technique

Seriously, Try Energy Healing

Chances are that you could use some, regardless of your level of skepticismRead more >

Just In

Supermodel High School

Dress code violations with Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, Raquel Zimmermann and more (NSFW)Read more >

The Review

Finally Learn French

Duolingo: the free app that makes learning a new language as easy as Candy CrushRead more >

The Makeup

A Thought On Freckles

Topshop's new beauty product makes a good pointRead more >


In Defense Of Chronic Baby Voice

Expert theories behind vocal fry—so you can stop judging a girl by how high her voice gets at the end of sentencesRead more >


The Culture Of Clean: A History Of Artisan Soap Makers

The first post in our new series exploring the cultural impact of bar soap time travels back to when soap was a Silk Road import, not a freebie from Hampton InnRead more >

The Technique

Cutting Hair...With Fire

James Pecis explains the old-school trick for getting rid of split ends (and potentially the rest of your hair)Read more >


Toilet Paper: Luxury's Final Frontier

The bathroom just isn't complete without itRead more >

The Extras

Who To Follow On Instagram: The Next Supers

A few of the most captivating ladies that get paid to let people take their selfies for them—also known as "models"Read more >

The Extras

Marilyn Monroe's Top Shelf

Back in 1952, Marilyn wrote her own Top Shelf: Her daily routine, how she exercised, her diet, & why she didn't tanRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Blurred-Line Relationships With People We Pay To Touch Us

Expert takes on the funny feelings that come with engaging in intimate interactions with your fitness instructor (or piercer, massage therapist, tattoo artist...)Read more >

The Extras

Navigating The Bazaar Beauty Stalls In Doha, Qatar

While many residents opt for Chanel and MAC, the Souq Waqif market is home to old-school Middle Eastern beauty staples like kajals, henna, magic lipstick, and burning oudsRead more >

The Extras

How To Style A Plastic Bag

Stylist Shaun "Peacemillion" Paige demonstrates his ability to make pretty much anything look good—via his InstagramRead more >

The Face

Amar'e Stoudemire

The six-time All-Star and New York Knicks forward on game day deodorant and the best locker room in the NBARead more >

Book Club

Diane Von Furstenberg's Guide To Bathing

Her 1993 book, The Bath, is a trove of interesting historical facts on bathing and a look at the glorious baths of her fanciest friendsRead more >