This Is Brow Month

Just like it sounds: a whole month dedicated to eyebrows. Because they’re important any way you tweeze them (or don’t)—and because there’s a new forehead-related Glossier product in the works. Browse below for new stuff daily.

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Brows! Brows! Browse
Into The Gloss
The Face

Sunny Shokrae, Photographer

“A few years ago, I realized I should probably grow everything back and have a full unibrow and be really chic about it. But reality hit and it’s not growing back all the way. I want to rock it so hard!”  VIEW MORE >

Into The Gloss
The Face

Alessia Cara, Singer

Just like you when you were 19 years old with a hit song gone viral, the singer is focusing on her music, but also on how to methodically grow her brows out while traveling around the country on tour  VIEW MORE >