Just In: Boy Brow


For the past month, we've been all brows all the time here on Into The Gloss in anticipation of Glossier's latest innovation. Well, friends, the day has arrived. Today, we're very proud to introduce you to the latest Glossier product: Boy Brow!

As Annie said roughly a month ago, there's no such thing as the Perfect Brow. We're in the midst of a revolution—a revolution that states that the best brows are the brows you were born with. Reference points include Cara Delevingne (obviously), backstage beauty of the last, oh, three years, and all these boys, hence the name. The look is fluffy, full, and untouched. Even if you were among the population affected by the Great Overpluck of the 1990s, you too can get back to the brow nature intended you to have. You just need a product that cares as much about your brows as you do.

Boy Brow is about working with what you've got. It's a creamy, conditioning pomade (inspired by old-fashioned mustache wax) that, when brushed on with a tiny little precision-minded spoolie, fluffs up brow hairs and keeps them there all day with flexible hold—no crunchy gel vibes. “This is actually life-changing,” a friend who previewed it wrote us. “Goodbye droopy flaccid brows. Sorry for the flaccid visual so early on a Monday,”

Glossier.com currently offers three shades—blond, brown, and black—all with very sheer pigment loads, to subtly fill in without leaving you looking like Groucho Marx. This is an uncomplicated product that adapts uniquely to you, for a look that we might describe as, simply, “polished,” Or, more effusively, “Olsen-twin-esque,”

Using Boy Brow is as simple as the name—just brush upward and outward, paying special attention to training those center “sprouts' to lean in. But videos are always helpful, so check out the below. Good brows can be easy. You've just got to believe.

Photo by S tephanie Dinkel. Video by Yvonne Jukes. Music by Afield Audio.

Shop Boy Brow now at glossier.com.