Give Yourself An Eyebrow Massage, Feel Great

Our very exciting news: Boy Brow just launched—it's a grooming pomade that answers the question of what to do with your eyebrows now that the natural look is back. You can shop it now on! And because you're already thinking about brows, it seems like a good time to catch up on some eyebrow-related reading, starting with the below. But FYI there are more brow stories this way.

A face massage is great. An eyebrow massage is even better (OK, so it's just a more focused face massage—but go with it). Inspired by the yogic temple massage that's part of shavasana (the final pose in any yoga class), yoga instructor Heather Lilleston is here to instruct. Because while you've probably been shaping and grooming your brows for awhile, you could probably be relaxing them more. Wrinkles are a thing—plus who needs that extra tension?

It's in the same vein as our oldie-but-goodie How To Give Yourself A Face Massage video. It's certainly worth following along to...but really, just play when you're ready to fall asleep because hell if this isn't the most soothing thing we've ever published.

Now that your brows are relaxed, get them ready for Glossier's newest launch. More on that here.

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