The Brow Pencil That Turned Me Into A Streicher Sister

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

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I sit behind the front desk at Glossier Headquarters. I’m the Coordinator of First Impressions which is Glossier for “Receptionist Plus a Little More.” My position means I get to greet and geek out over people on a daily basis, but I am super cool and relaxed so I always handle it really well. For example, this is how I recently let Emily Ferber know, in a professional context, that the makeup artist Jenn Streicher was in the building to see her:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.14.23 AM

Like I mentioned, I am very good at my job and also very chill. To be fair, you would react the same way if you saw a Streicher sister! I know you would.

When I first saw Kristie Streicher (designated brow guru of the Streicher dynasty) on ITG I was like, “Who is this Delevingne-brow-ed, redheaded, blue eyed goddess in a chunky knit, and how do I get her life?” I followed her on Instagram 25 seconds later, and 30 seconds later I was obsessed with getting the Feathered Brow. As is my life motto: “If Mandy Moore has it, I want it.”

So, inspired by Kristie and the Streichers (good band name, I call it), I stopped touching my brows COMPLETELY. It’s been six months since I tweezed, waxed, or otherwise shaped, thankyouverymuch. With my new growth, a swipe or two of Boy Brow became my routine, but my brows still didn’t feel Streicher worthy, they needed a little filling in. So, I finally bought it: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I have seen this item in countless Top Shelves, including but not limited to Coco Baudelle, Mandy Moore (remember my motto?), Jhené Aiko, and the very real Kylie Jenner. This product has been recommended to me approximately seven thousand times, but I refused to buy it until now. What’s wrong with me? I was too stubborn about only using one product. I insisted that I didn’t need a pencil because I wasn’t looking for the instagram worthy sharp brow—I just wanted a feathered brow like Kristie, dangit!

But thanks to this little pencil, my brow game is forever changed. Brow Wiz is thin and goes on smooth and light—like a HAIR, like an EYEBROW HAIR. It naturally fills in the microscopic bald patches in my brows to make them look full and feathered. I’m in heaven. Then, I just use Boy Brow to thicken them up and set those babies up for the day. I don’t know when I’ll be in LA next (hello, agents I am available!) and the price tag to meet with Kristie online is still above my budget, so this pencil is my Streicher sister…for now. I’m still not ruling out going to meet them and becoming their best friend and a fourth Streicher. See? I told you I am totally chill and relaxed.

—Ariel Gitlin

Photo via Mandy Moore's Top Shelf.