Lauren Maas

Lauren honed her beauty sensibilities in Qatar, where she lived for four years while teaching some highly polished young ladies at an art/design university. Now calling Texas home, she specializes in foreign beauty cultures, bizarre cosmetic histories, and products beloved by grandmothers. She's never met holographic packaging she didn't like.

The Extras

For Your Cuts, For Your Cow, For Your Dog

Off the farm, what are the real-life uses for that ubiquitous udder ointment?Read more >


Fall Asleep Faster

Marpac’s Dohm Sound Conditioner is the Cadillac of white noise machines and good news for anyone whose bedroom is above a bar or facing a highwayRead more >


Midnight At The 24 Hour Fitness

What happens at the round-the-clock gym when everyone else is asleep?Read more >


History Lesson: Centuries Of Anti-Aging Products

A look at the bizarre, “age-defying” rituals of real-life beauty icons from the history booksRead more >


Walk This Way

On getting lost—purposefully and with your own two feetRead more >

The Review

3 Citrus Products To Get You Through The Last Weeks Of Winter

Cheerful cold-weather fruit is always in season for your skin and hairRead more >

The Review

What Does Rain Smell Like?

How to get the fresh, metallic scent of petrichor—the actual, scientific name for the smell of rain, as discovered by researchers at MIT—rain or shine, thanks to three pre-bottled fragrancesRead more >

The Review

Like A Gym Membership For Your Face

Three old-school devices designed to exercise and tone your mouth muscles and keep your brow unfurrowedRead more >

The Extras

High-Design Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes you don't have to hide for your morning mirror selfieRead more >


Five Shower Upgrades You Don't Need New Plumbing For

How to make your bathroom feel a little bit more like a hotelRead more >


Look Like A Silent Film Star

A brief history of how Max Factor single-handedly changed the worldRead more >

Open Thread

What's On Your Nightstand?

Like that "What’s in your bag?" meme, only sleepier and less mobileRead more >

The Extras

Tanning While Driving (& How Not To Do It)

A PSA for anyone who regularly finds themselves in a car: You're not totally safe from UV raysRead more >


Get Lost In These Vintage Cologne Commercials

Down the legacy rabbithole of televised fragrance marketing for menRead more >

The Extras

A Cut Above: Looking Back At Major On-Screen Hair Cuts

Dissecting the motion picture rhetoric of on-screen 'impulse haircut,' from G.I. Jane to Walter WhiteRead more >

ITG ♥s

Teen Beauty Brands: Where Are They Now?

It's like speculating about people in your high school year book, but this time with concrete evidenceRead more >

The Review

Spice Up Your Bath

Mustard powder, nature's version of Icy Hot, is the perfect condiment for a wintertime soakRead more >

The Extras

Apocalypse? There's A Cream For That

The ultimate packing list for Doomsday—it never hurts to be preparedRead more >

The Review

A Good Starter Retinol

Dipping a toe in the world of Vitamin A treatments, with the affordable RoC Night Cream lineRead more >


A History Of Blush

There's a surprising amount of poison in thisRead more >

ITG ♥s

A Mist That's Anti-Aging

Perfect for desert climes—or your radiator-ravaged apartment that's just as dryRead more >

ITG ♥s

Pears Soap: Transparent, Tried, & True

Pears Transparent Soap has a 200-year-old history, beloved by writers and spendthrifts alikeRead more >


Makeup For Your Statuary

At MoMA PS1, Francesco Vezzoli’s Teatro Romano gives classical busts a fresh layer of (face) paintRead more >