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How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Shape My Eyebrows

Can the shape of your eyebrows change your face entirely? Are mirrors doing more harm than good? Edith Zimmerman reportsRead more >

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Edith Zimmerman is Throwing Everything Out

Yes, EVERYTHING. Clothes, sneakers, products. Her goal? "I have this vision of myself with, like, one body-cleaning product, one outfit, one pair of shoes, one bag, and a perma-smile of ULTRA SERENITY."Read more >

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The Edith Zimmerman Diet

Are you what you eat (or don't eat)? On a mission to clear up her skin, one twentysomething slowly learns to love the good stuffRead more >

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A Skin Thing

Writer Edith Zimmerman on acne, covering up, and finally going foundation-freeRead more >