The Tiny Tool That Makes My Mustache Disappear


I’m just going to get this out of the way: I’ve got a hairy mustache. Blame genetics, blame hormones, blame society’s inability to deal with women and body hair, but whatever it may be, my facial fur has been a lifetime struggle. Until I met the tool of my dreams: The Flawless by Finishing Touch.

When my first stubble arrived in my teens, I convinced my cool-mom-not-regular-mom to take me to the local nail salon for my first wax. Painful? Yes. Effective? You bet. I was on a strict waxing streak until the end of college, when I could no longer afford my bi-weekly appointment. I quickly switched over to Nad’s Natural Waxing Strips. They’re at most drugstores, aren’t as painful as the hot wax, and have a cool green color (so you know they’re natural). Nad’s was my go-to until one fateful day a year or two ago.

Now this is where it gets good. I was minding my own business when my mom called about an urgent matter. She, and my Aunt Viviana, had recently gone to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and discovered the Flawless. "It's the best," she told me, "I'm sending one your way!"

Sex tool resemblence aside, this tool is amazing. How it works, I'll never know, as the brand only notes “Spinning Technology” as the key to its magic. It falls somewhere between shaver, tweezer, and epilator, but it's not one of those things, but instead more like the best version of a combination of all three. If you remove the top, you can see the small coils that move in a circular motion to remove unwanted hair. And that same removable top also makes Flawless super easy to clean.

On the base of the tool is a helpful built-in light so you can snip the finest of hairs and peach fuzz. Even though the coils spin rapidly next to my skin, I never get nicks or cuts, and I've never experienced any burning or irritation. So, for about two minutes every other week or so, the Flawless by Finishing Touch is my reliable go-to.

I can’t say it enough: I love this tool and how it’s helped me tackle my handlebar mustache in the making. It even moved me to start a rumor that Beyoncé’s "Flawless" was written about this tool. Every day that lie feels closer to the truth.

—Chloe Hall

Photo via ITG