The Social Worker Who DIYs Her Cleansing Oil


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“Hi! My name is Clarice Boone (@clariceboone). I live in Seattle, WA where I work as a medical case manager for the nonprofit social services agency, Lifelong. My work in case management primarily focuses on keeping individuals who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS engaged in medical care. I also assist with housing placements, transportation, insurance, and basic mental health counseling. I also volunteer at the Seattle Institute for Sex Therapy, Research, and Education—I love working one-on-one with individuals in the community, building relationships, and supporting them through their journeys. Watching people evolve as they learn more about themselves is truly magical. My next goal is to pursue a master's in social work or mental health counseling with a specialization in sex therapy.

Because my work means everything to me, I find myself with less time for beauty routines. During the work week, I focus on my eyebrows and lips. Anastasia Brow Wiz and Brow Gel in Clear have been my go-to products since high school. They’re consistent, easy to use, and with a delicate hand you can apply a realistic brow shape. My lipstick is either Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red or MAC Amplified Lipstick in Morange. I cannot emphasize how many compliments I’ve received when wearing that one—it has a creamy texture and after it wears off I’m left with a beautiful base color. For my complexion, I stick to Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. It gives me high coverage and is long lasting—plus, I can just apply it where I need it and leave the rest of my skin natural. As for my hair, I either let it air dry on my commute or throw it back in a slick pony, and that’s it.

On weekends, I’d describe my beauty style as ‘chaotic classic.’ I’ve been obsessing over Euphoria’s makeup artistry and adding more shimmer to my eyelids than usual—though my real high school beauty look was definitely emo. You know, unspeakable amounts of black eyeliner from Hot Topic and regular choppy haircuts done by a friend. When I got to college, I started working in retail and vintage, where I cultivated more of a ‘60s mod look. I still love a classic winged eye, for which I turn to Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. When I’m feeling extra sweet, I dab a half-pea sized amount of Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam on my cheeks. While I keep my hair natural for work, I love to do a classic side part and simple finger waves when I go out.

I base my skincare routine on the temperature, and with the current change to a drier climate in Seattle, I’ve been utilizing a cleansing oil. I concocted it myself—it’s just jojoba and rosehip oils, plus vitamin E. My aesthetician recently informed me that jojoba oil mimics the natural oils of the skin, which makes it more effective at drawing out impurities. I massage that in for five minutes, and then I double cleanse with CeraVe Hydrating Wash. I like to use the CeraVe PM Moisturizer even in the morning, and follow that with sunscreen and a spritz of Mario Badescu Facial Spray. In the evening, I cleanse the same way but finish with a prescription-based acne treatment. I also exfoliate once a week with Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask, and every other week with Drunk Elephant’s Baby Facial. The results are instant, and my skin will legitimately feel like I just had a facial—I’m obsessed. You just have to try it. I recently saw a review of the NuFace on ITG, and I think that will be my next skincare investment.

I recently transitioned from a natural dark brunette to blonde, which has required a lot more maintenance. Every six to eight weeks I get it colored by Alexander Scott at Bang in Seattle. He’s done wonders to my hair and managed to keep the damage minimal considering how many times we’ve bleached it. At home, I use Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 once a week and Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo when I wash. On top of the bleach, I’m also growing out my bangs—which we can all agree is the most difficult feat known to life.

Self care is so crucial in the world of social work. I make sure to exercise regularly, whether that's attending a barre class at my gym or going for a hike in the Cascade Mountains. I also try to leave time for bubble baths, face masks, the quarterly facial, deep tissue massage, and spending time with loved ones. But most importantly, laughter. I am always the first to laugh at my own jokes.”

—as told to ITG

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