Your Guide To Spring Nails


You know what everyone at Into The Gloss is done with? Winter, our cold weather nemesis. A quick browse through our homepage says as much. In recent weeks, we’ve gone from declaring “our spring look,” to “spring cleaning,” to “spring makeup.” And now we’re onto another spring-inspired element: nails. This season, we’re going for muted colors that feel good. It’s a break from your typical spring nail edit, but still colorful enough to give a fresh jumpstart to the warmer days ahead. Working with manicurist Momo Leafgel (who does Beyoncé nails!), we rounded up five shades that felt cheerful but not overwhelming. Join us as we turn the corner to more colorful days ahead.

A Soothing Green

J. Hannah in Artichoke
The perfect green for the season—not too rich and emerald-like, but not too bright either. Pairs well with jeans and a blue spring sky.

Top from Marysia. Shorts from 3x1 Paros. Jewelry from Ursa Major and J.Hannah.

The shade chameleon

Chanel in Washed Denim
Is it gray? Is it blue? Is Who’s to say… Just know that it looks mighty fine when teamed up with a neutral-colored outfit.

Sweater from Jil Sander. Jacket from Roberta. Sunglasses from DKNY. Jewelry from J.Hannah.

A rich apricot

Morgan Taylor in Sweet Morning Dew
Let’s just roll with the whole “morning dew is orange” thing—no need to dilly dally on semantics. The bottom line is that Sweet Morning Dew is a peach that’s actually interesting. Vibrant and happy, you’ll get a kick out of looking down at your hands when you’re stuck inside at work.

Jacket from Frame. Hat from COS. Jewelry from Laura Lombardi, Ursa Major, and Ginette.

The nonintimidating pink

Essie in Perfect Mate
A pink for those who’ve graduated from a pastel to something more vivid. And yet, it’s not intimidating! It goes well with virtually every color palette and mood, whether it’s a blazer at work, a soft flowy dress out to dinner, or a pair of jeans while you’re out and about.

*Trench and Jeans from Khaite. Sneakers from Reebok. Socks from Comme Si. Jewelry from Ursa Major, J.Hannah and Laura Lombardi. *

The red you've been waiting for

J. Hannah in Ghost Ranch
Now here’s a red that you don’t see every day. Far from the blue reds that run wild during the colder months, this rust red is warmer and muted—a quiet red, if there ever was one.

Top and skirt from Paco Rabanne. Jewelry from J.Hannah.

Nails by Momo. Styled by Lilli Millhiser, and photographed by Tom Newton.