ITG's Spring Beauty Look


In New York, the weather has progressed from a cold, unbearable nightmare, to wet, droopy, and tolerable. Spring is here! Which means it’s time to recalibrate a few nonessential-yet-timely details. Like which clothes to wear, which eye shadows to adopt, which Australian hair accessory to pick up. Don’t worry if you haven’t dedicated headspace to this already, because team ITG has more than enough ideas to spread around. Below, our spring look mood boards to get you started.

The "Ready for Vacation" Look


"I can't really say I've changed that much since last fall. I'm still feeling beige...but with a pop! Inspired mostly by Vinylic Lip in Disco, my new favorite terracotta-y, balmy lipstick that goes from tint to lewk in a few swipes. I like it with a face full of Edward Bess Ultra Luminizing Bronzer, double Boy Brow'd brows, a hint of Cloud Paint in Beam on the cheeks (applied with a brush because it gets even more natural and diffused that way). It's a face that gently whispers "I'm ready for my vacation days now..." without full-on screaming IT'S ALMOST MEMORIAL DAY, SUCKAS!!! The other thing I'm feeling is nails. But not just one color. I want them all over the place, grounded with some muted neutrals—but with at least one colorful accent. If I'm not going to wear a flowery dress (beige, remember?) then at least my nails can let on that I occasionally like to have fun." —Emily Ferber

The Mediterranean Look


"My spring look is—SPF be damned. I want a sunburn, I want to embrace my greasy skin, my messy curly hair, and ready myself for the main event, SUMMER. I want to look like a boy on the streets of Napoli. That's goals. I've been really inspired by Luca Guadagnino's three films set in Italy—that area, and my trip to Marseille. It's such a magical place filled with history and color. I've also been watching some history channel programs about Ancient Greece and Rome, and it's just such a dream world to sink into. I want to be inspired by that—like I'm certain I can't pull off the guyliner that Colin Farrell and Jared Leto wore in Alexander, but I am very inspired by the feeling. And their bronzer in that movie, holy shit! Subtlety was lacking, but it did look good, no?" —Tom Newton

The Floral Look


"Inspired by several newly acquired (and now planted!) gems from a Brooklyn nursery, I’m very much into florals right now—I’ll spare you the overused movie quote. Boring, I know, but what I love most about these flowers isn’t their fragrance, but the colors. Peaches, soft lilacs, easy-going pinks. The perfect shades to incorporate into my beauty look for spring, which is playful, airy, and set to an all white wardrobe. I’m thinking little pops of color on my nails, my eyes, and maybe a hair accessory or two. Shades will be sourced from Colorslide (Early Girl is calling my name), Dior’s On Stage Liquid Eyeliner (they’ve got a matte pink!), and Valet Studio (for these lavender clips). I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel on what makes a spring look spring, especially when the colors make me so damn happy." —Ashley Weatherford

The Warm Look

utibe spring look1

"After all these years of living in NYC, I still don’t know how to dress in transition! In my head, it’s basically summer when the sun is out, so I’m adding all the sheer graphic tanks and long sleeve shirts I come across to my cart. Muse-wise, I’m thinking Kelis, with her hair out, full, and dyed with baby pink streaks. Or just Kelis in general. Warm weather means more fun! More color, more vibrant fabrics, patterns, and opportunities to feel as airy as possible. It’s way too nice outside not to. More colorful makeup also feels appropriate for this moment. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at Colorslide cat-eyes and warming up my entire eyelid with Pat McGrath’s Eyedols in Burnished Honey, an updated version of my holy grail warm-weather favorite, L’Oréal’s Acro-Matte. In short, I’m ready to feel as freeee and unencumbered as possible." —Utibe Mbagwu