The Playlist: Non-Christmas Music For The Holidays


I like music more than I like most things. Dancing is one of my favorite hobbies, but dancing without music is empty and hollow. Karaoke, the best activity in the history of the world, would not exist without music. Cooking is nice; better if you prepare your meals whilst a record plays. Drinking: fun, better with music. Sobriety: better with music. Walking: better with music. Driving: better with music. When it comes to breakups, music is necessary for survival. When it comes to falling in love, music says what you can’t articulate. Music draws an outline for your memories and helps to preserve the things that matter. All that said (and before this becomes a full length novel dedicated to music) I’m here to share the music I love for the holiday season. Because like everything else, the holidays are better with music. This is an entirely secular roundup of songs to listen to during the month of December. The vision is just you and the people you love in a tiny cabin covered in snow. Some songs will make you sleepy, while others will make you want to get up and dance in front of the fireplace. Listen for the rest of 2018. Plus however much longer you feel like it.

—Anna Jube