Our Favorite Products: August 2018 Edition


Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature in which ITG's editors discuss our favorite products. They're the best things we've tried all month long, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized before we have the opportunity to get sick of them and move on to something new. This time around, we’re just trying to keep our skin glowy and not irritated before Labor Day. Difficult, but not impossible. Join our fruitful journey below.

Environ Sun Care Sunscreen SPF 25


I’ve been breaking out. It started in May or June. At first it was just along my jawline, but then the breakouts started to spread up to the middle of my face and as soon as one pimple would fade away, a new one would sprout up. This past month as I was traveling it got worse than it’s ever been. So, the second I got back to NYC I went to see Danuta Mieloch, Her Royal Highness of Rescue Spa. She looked at my skin and told me two things: 1) It’s oilier than it used to be—probably seasonal; and 2) My sunscreen might be the root of my breakouts. She gave me this Environ one that’s 8% Titanium Dioxide but is a satisfyingly creamy, lightweight texture that I can wear every day under my makeup, and so far it’s been a success. My breakouts have calmed and my skin looks a lot more matte just wearing it. It works well as a primer and doesn’t sting my eyes when I wash it off at the end of the day. Things are looking up. Danuta also recommended I try a zinc-based sunscreen, since zinc is commonly used as an acne-fighting ingredient. Any recommendations? —Anna Jube

Revlon Glow Gelee in Moon Glow


This is a trinket and a makeup product in one—in the age of minimalism I think it's really refreshing to see a brand like Revlon lean into it's drugstore-ness. I'm like yes, give me that holographic sparkle lid and cartoon shooting star graphic—it's fun. It feels a bit like silly putty—a clear bronze glitter putty, that you can put on your face and your friend's faces, the fun don't stop. This is a good makeup product for me to have around, and talk people into, because unlike my last glitter pot favorite (Lemonhead) this is VERY subtle. It's like a slap of a wet sparkle, I could wear it and no one would notice really. You can layer it a bit if you want, but it's nice just as a hint. —Tom Newton

Diptyque Figuier Scented Oval


I won't get too into it, but I've been arriving home recently to find my apartment smelling like...human. Not bad, per se, but not like a fresh laundry commercial either. I'm happy to blame the weather and the total lack of circulation available to Lower East Side apartments, but placing blame doesn't solve the problem. These scent ovals do, though! I got two—one for my entry way and another for my closet because it's delightful when your clothes smell like fig in the morning. It's not knock-you-over-with-a-set-of-bricks strong, but present enough to make you smile and think of Puglia when you walk in the door. I'm thinking the 34 fragrance might be a nice change for fall… —Emily Ferber

Dior Rouge Blush in Actrice


After wearing a bare face for most of the summer, I’ve decided to hop back on the makeup train. First stop is this blush—and let me tell you, it is dreamy. It’s peachy-coraly-orange-y, which is the color family that feels the most like me. I’ve been wearing it for a little over a week now, and it gives off a ‘I just worked out but am magically not sweaty’ flush. I think the secret is in the barely-there shimmer that only appears in the most delicate way, when the light is just right. And can you believe it? I even like the teenie tiny brush that comes in the package. It’s angled and actually picks up pigment. It’s a miracle. —Ashley Weatherford

Rohto Melano CC


When I whined to my new roommate and fellow HQ employee Tiffany about the spots that marked my most recent breakout, she told me to stop picking at my face and to pick this up. I don’t think I’ll be pulling my face out of my magnified mirror anytime soon, but Melano CC is now in my possession and I’m very happy about it! Its consistency reminds me of Melanie Simon’s Serum C, wet and slick to the touch and sets to a dry sheen. Tretinoin’s been going to town on my acne, and this serum is a little arm lift, working to un-dull the texture my skin is experiencing. I’m really surprised that the more stubborn marks along my jaw are improving—all in all, really promising. —Utibe Mbagwu

Bebé Zartrosé Lip Balm


I love this lip balm because my best friend brought it back to me from Switzerland, the packaging is very cute, it smells like candy and it works. Little pink tint. I wear it every day. That’s all. —AJ

Paula's Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster


Hello texture! Nice to see you looking smooth again. What a retinol can do for acne, I've found azelaic acid can do for irritated, rosacea-like texture and inflammation. And with none of that pesky purging. You can read more about the acid you'd never heard about here (tl;dr it's antibacterial and brightening), but even if you don't, I suggest you buy it. It's my new "recommend for everything" ingredient, particularly in this booster tube that plays well with serums and moisturizers alike. I use it in the morning (and sometimes again at night) and have gotten at least two other people to buy it off my recommendation. Are you next? —EF

Regime Des Fleurs Testers from the 'Personal/Space' + 'Pour Tous' collections


I think Regime Des Fluers scents are so, so special. This month they came out with a new group of scents and also a 'sampling program' thing that allows you to buy a set of tester-sized vials and then get what you spent on the vials back if you buy a full-sized bottle. In a perfect world, I would just own full sizes of every single one and they would be in one of my multiple floor-to-ceiling marble bathrooms in my palatial mansion. But this is not how things work and I have too many fragrances sitting on my tiny dresser as it is. So here we are—I have all these tiny vials of each fragrance, and still, after two weeks of shuffling through them, traveling with them, living with them on me, I wouldn't know if I'd be able to pick just one or even two. The Personal/Space scents all have a lightness to them, and the Pour Tous scents are all a bit punchier. Each one is titled in a way that you can build a whole story around why they smell the way they do—I won't rob you of that creative exercise but I do suggest that you try them all out. —TN

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer


There are three, maybe four good concealers around, and my face is happy to tell you this is one of them. Not to be confused with its celebrity cousin, Secret Camouflage, Secret Concealer is much creamier, and better to use around my eyes. I’m a big fan of the color play that’s happening in the shades. Depending on your skin tone, they are mixed with yellow, red, or orange undertones, which offset any undereye darkness. I have to mention that because it’s important! Too many concealers in these makeup streets bypass undertone considerations, which is why a lot of them are totally disappointing. ANYWAY, I don’t even need a tool to apply this—I just tap it on my my finger and get going. Easy-peasy and actually effective. My kind of product. —AW

Ritual Essential Vitamins


I know I’m supposed be taking vitamins every day. I’m very certain I’m deficient in vitamin D, a smidge of iron, and several “daily recommended” amounts of calcium. But do I ever eat fibrous things or go outside at a decent time to see if the sun is feeling generous? Not as much as should be. So this month, I kept these vitamins at my desk, always in my view so I could pop two a day, as the bottle says. I’m halfway through the bottle and I feel alert. I start the day bright-eyed and I love that I don’t leave the office feeling totally spent, without a single sip of coffee at that. And I can’t forget the mint-scented party in my mouth each time I take it. Nice touch. —UM

Photographed by Tom Newton.