Katie Jane Hughes' Best DIY Travel Tips


It's not surprising to discover that Katie Jane Hughes has had some practice traveling with beauty products. It is literally her job. So after a passing comment to Editorial Assistant Anna Jube, she was kind enough to send through a shortlist of her best DIY packing hacks. Going anywhere? First write these down—you'll thank Katie later.

"One of my favorite tricks is for traveling with any loose powder, like Laura Mercier's Translucent powder. I'll put a piece of tissue paper or Saran Wrap between the lid and the powder-basically, screw on a tissue between the component and the lid. That way if it breaks or falls, it's protected. I'll do the same with anything liquid. Just put a piece of Saran Wrap over the opening of each liquid product and screw the cap on.

Another trick I love is to use pillboxes to decant my lipsticks or cream cheek products and create my own little palette to take on the go. Muji has containers that are perfect for this. I'll take all my lipsticks that are down to the stub so they don't go to waste—they're perfect because you have to scoop out the product to use it anyway. So, scoop the remaining product out and just create your own lip-and-cheek palette.

When traveling I tend to carry more pencils than I do palettes because they're light and compact and are less likely to break in your bag. Eyeliners, lip liners, eyeshadows. I keep a sharpener in a little pouch inside my makeup bag to keep shavings from spilling.

Lastly, I always travel with a multi-purpose cream like Weleda Skin Food-you can use it on your face, your body, as a highlighter or mixed with your actual highlighter. I'll mix it with concealer and use that as foundation. It's like an all-in-one."

—Katie Jane Hughes

Photo via ITG.