Danielle Nachmani, Stylist


The difference between my day and night looks is that I don't wear makeup on set, period. I don't wear makeup during the day at all—I don't wear anything. I think that the basis of me as a stylist overall is the simplicity of my aesthetic. It's something that carries through with all of my work, and it's something that draws clients to me. I'm a big fan of letting the clothing speak for itself. To me, getting ready for the night should feel more polished. I don't think that's something that I think about much, but I would definitely feel more self-conscious wearing makeup to work, and I would feel more confident going out with a little something on my face. I think that a lot of stylists would say that—you're so used to being behind the scenes that I sometimes forget I'm putting myself out there as well.

I moved to New York when the Beatrice Inn was first happening. It's in the West Village, right off Bank Street. It's a restaurant now, but it was this spot. I wasn't really a fan of a nightclub, but when you're that age you don't just want to go to dinner and have drinks with friends. So, I spent a lot of nights there—you would walk through a living room, and you would literally have to climb through a coat closet to get to the dance floor. The whole time you were dancing, people were smoking cigarettes, and it was so messy, but the music was amazing, and it was always a great crowd. The whole time we were thinking, 'If something catches on fire, there's no way to get out.' But those were some of the best times. You'd dance there, then you'd go to Corner Bistro and have a burger at three in the morning, and you would wake up not hungover because you were 21 years old.

My drink is a Ketel martini, slightly dirty, no vermouth, three olives. If I'm eating something that I don't like an olive with, I'll do a Ketel on the rocks with three lemons, which I like all the time. It just sits well with me. I know how I'll feel. I love that as I get older dinner parties are something people enjoy doing. A lot of my nights with friends we'll go to a restaurant like Raoul's, which is open super late and has great martinis, and really good steak frites, and the best artichoke. I love a restaurant that you can kind of marinate in-to me that's really fun. If I'm not doing that, my dancing and nights out are usually surrounding a live performance. I recently went to this cool event in the Knock Down Center, which is in Queens. It was for Macintosh Speakers—LCD Soundsystem performed. We danced in front of the speakers all night, and there was wind coming out of them—that's how powerful they were—but you were still able to have a full conversation. It was really weird, but so fun. I also love a dinner party that turns into a little bit of a dance party, but I feel like that's more common in Los Angeles, because you have more space. Doing that in New York is something my friends and I are trying for.

When you work for yourself there's so much internal conversation going on that sometimes it's just nice to sit with someone and not talk about work-just talk about life. Let's say I was shooting today and we wrapped around five. Usually when I'm on set I'll avoid breaking for lunch. I'll eat breakfast and I'll snack, because for me, I'm in a rhythm. I don't want to stop—I'm in the zone. If everyone's OK to keep going, I really like to push through, and then I'll come home and order tacos or a burger. I love Café Habana if I'm staying in, but if I'm going out I just get something light like tacos from La Esquina. I hate being at drinks and starving. If I haven't eaten anything, I can't handle a martini.

While I'm eating, I have these Klorane Blue Cornflower eye patches that I sit with, and I'll drink at least three glasses of water with lemon before going out. After I shower, I really like to moisturize—I hate moisturizing right before I go to bed, because I don't want to get in bed all sticky. I love Glossier Body Hero. I love how it smells, and it's not too sticky, and it's thick. I'm super dry, and I feel like that does the job. In the shower, I wash my face with Biologique Recherche VIP Lait O2—it's my favorite thing. It's creamy and milky, and it makes my skin feel like I've already put on my moisturizer. Afterwards, I'll pat on some Vintner's Daughter, and I'll use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I've used it since I was like 12, and every time I've tried to go off of it, I come back.

I use the Stretch Concealer from Glossier under my eyes. And then I'll usually do a mix of the Charlotte Tilbury Formentera Stick and a really good two-set from Tom Ford. I mix the two on my cheekbones, and then a little bit of the RMS Luminizer on my nose and in the corners of my eyes. My mascara is from Too Faced Better Than Sex, it's my favorite. I'll put some Aquaphor on my lips and maybe some Tata Harper Lip And Cheek Tint in Very Naughty. It's such a pretty color.

My favorite lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo-it's hypoallergenic, and I'm allergic to everything. I love when someone does one really bold attribute, like a lip or an eye. Sometimes I'll do a kohl-lined eye blended out, and I really love that. I like a Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown liner. When I do a full rounded eye, I usually do a pencil because I don't like a gel inside my eye. Also, the Stila Smudge Pots I love. They do a black one that really wears nicely, because it is kind of gel-y. It's interesting—I look at the way I style, or the way I drink, or the way I wear makeup. Everything is very one-note in a lot of ways. I like vodka, I like a red lip and a clean face. I think I carry that through everything. One of my favorite beauty moments I ever did was with Laura Harrier when she went to the CFDAs, and she wore Sies Marjan. She wore this very pale yellow chiffon dress and a bright orange lip—that lip made the look, that was what it was about. It shows the power of taking a beauty moment for evening to elevate a look completely. For me, that's simplicity at its finest, but it also allows you to play and have fun without completely overwhelming the look.

I have a very, very real process with my hair. There's nothing simple about my hair. I predominantly wear it up—in a bun, or a slicked pony, or a low pony. Then at night, I'll blow it out. I love the Oribe Magnificent Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I just started to use the Ouai Hair Oil and I'm obsessed with it. I blow out my hair with a round brush, but start at the front and work to the back-usually people do the opposite, but this way works better for me. Then I put a hat on for like an hour. Most of my volume lives in the roots of my hair, and I really love French girl straight, flat hair. That's not gonna happen to a Jewish girl from New York, so, I wear a hat for an hour. It's not a hat I'm ever gonna wear out but it serves me very well-it gives me good hat hair. Once I take that off, I'll take an inch curling iron and just bend in between and right below my ears, just to give it a wave. That's usually every Thursday, going into the weekend. I like it because you can sleep on it, you can let it live. Sometimes I like pigtail braids for night, with a red lip—I'm probably gonna do that tonight. I think it's underrated. During the week I wear my hair natural, just to give it a break.

I wear my Khaite black pants probably every other weekend. I love the silhouette, I love that they're sexy and cool—I usually pair them with one of her bodysuits or knits. She makes really good going out clothes that don't make me feel too dressed up. Otherwise I'm a big fan of a white Petite Bateau t-shirt and really good high waisted Levis. I'll do a bold earring probably—I love a statement earring. I have these really pretty half-moon Sophie Buhai earrings, and then I have this great pair of metal Agmes ones, or a Jennifer Fisher hoop. But definitely always metals, and usually more often than not they're silver. I love a Manolo mule. Maybe one or two inches in height, but never more. You know what it is ultimately? I can't walk in heels. I think there's nothing more tragic than a girl who can't walk in a heel, but she wears one anyway. I just know that I can't. And I love a little change purse kind of bag-this vintage Chanel one I wear all the time. But then I also have this Maryam Nassir Zadeh one that I'm obsessed with that's also very day-to-night. All my bags are very sensible.

At least once during the weekend, I'll take a bath—that's like my evening activity. It's a must. If it's before going out on a Saturday I'll definitely take a bath, but if I'm coming from work it's a quicker turnaround. I'm a night owl, so I don't get sleepy. I have to do things to relax my body. I just got a weighted blanket—it's like a 10-pound blanket with sand in it, and I sleep with it on top of me because it makes me go to sleep. In the middle of the night sometimes I'm definitely like, 'Oh my god, I can't move,' but it definitely helps.

—as told to ITG

Danielle Nachmani photographed by Tom Newton APril 20, 2018.