"The Top Shelf Made Me Do It..."


Remember the time Glossier’s Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Kate Caputo, wrote down all the lipsticks she bought per our Top Shelf series? Or the day ITG writer Or Gotham got home from work and covered his face in pimple patches less than a week after this published? Or when Glossier’s Community Coordinator Samantha Wilson ordered a $50 box of Lord Jones CBD Gummies for herself based on Tom’s February monthly favorites recommendation?

It’s what’s fun about reading about, working with, and hanging out with people who are equally obsessed with beauty products as you: inspiring each other to open tab after tab in that Chrome browser window. A quick question posed to the Glossier HQ staffers turned into countless reports of what the Top Shelf made each of them buy—everything from Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum to Melanie Simon’s original ZIIP Microcurrent Device to the infamous Lotion P50 from Biologique Recherche. Because what good is a new product if it isn't first recommended, then purchased, than reaffirmed by some of your favorite people? A few examples:

Kara Freewind, senior copy manager: “After this, I bought Grandelash right away. I’d been thinking about exploring extensions but I’m cheap! And I love that this makes your actual lashes longer without gluing something onto your eye. Why get extensions when you can just make your own lashes unnaturally long?”

Elly Penning, email marketing coordinator: “When I saw Weleda on the site, I bought it immediately. I’m obsessed with multifunctional products and have been looking for a rich moisturizer that I could put on before bed. When I saw it was only $12, I couldn’t not.”

Aditi Venkatesh, legal affairs director: “How many times do you have to mention Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème before everyone buys it? [Ed note: four times in total] It has totally replaced under-eye concealer for me. I kind of like a little darkness under the eyes, TBH, but I like how this brightens the area and helps me achieve the well-slept infant look.”

Lucy Spiller, talent acquisition: “I picked up some Cure Aqua Natural Gel in Japan when I was there. Navigating beauty in another country is so fun, but super intimidating. Anytime I travel, I always do a quick search on ITG for the country I'm going to, to see what I need to snag.”

And why cut it off there? Inquiring minds want to know: What has the Top Shelf made you, our lovely readers, buy—and why? Tell us right here. Right now. Our shopping fingers are ready.

Photographed by Tom Newton.