Weleda Skin Food


What if there were a cream that smelled like almond extract, went on thicker than artisanal cream cheese, absorbed quickly into skin (leaving a sheen just where you want it), and was all-natural? You'd probably be sold immediately. On those words alone, I’d be prepared to start shelling out...and keep shelling—a “tell-me-when-to-stop' kind of shelling. But we've all lucked out, because this review is of a product where there's no need for heavy shelling. It’s only $12.

Weleda Skin Food is an “I’ll save up for this” product at a “Hey, maybe I’ll try this stuff” price. The label suggests putting it on desperate spots—hands, feet, elbows—but on the face, it’s like a natural La Mer. If it’s a tad dense for your tastes, dilute it a little with Weleda Calendula Face Cream for Baby, which absorbs faster and dries lighter. Then use Skin Food to highlight your cheekbones, as an eye and neck cream, or as an all-around luxury cheat. Everywhere you’ve dreamed of slathering your most expensive cream, go crazy and douse with Skin Food. You can afford it.

—Trace Barnhill

Photographed by Tom Newton.