A Makeup Artist's Secret To Long, Natural Lashes


This is the story of a girl named Grace. Grace works at the Shu Uemura counter at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus—every day she suits up in her standardized black separates, plus a thick strip of false Shu brand lashes (mandated company-wide for its counter employees) and goes to work grooming the faces of Brentwood housewives. The job is good, with fair healthcare coverage, but Grace has bigger dreams. There's got to be more than this, she thinks to herself. So she quits Shu, hops a plane to Laguardia, and becomes ITG's premier false lash correspondent—serving looks and then subsequently schooling us on applying them. She's also done other things.

You can take the girl out of the Shu Uemura counter at Neiman Marcus, but you can't take the propensity for false lashes out of the girl. Grace used to wear them daily but had to give them up when she moved to New York. "The summer humidity would literally melt the glue on my eyelid, so I stopped wearing them," she told ITG. "Now I just use mascara." If you're talking to her, this is where you gasp, because Grace's lashes are long. Long as a humid summer day. Long as her client list, which is very long. And if you bug her enough, she'll tell you why.

"It's lash growing serum," she confides. "A makeup artist friend of mine found it at a makeup show—she decided to try it because she uses everything, Latisse and all that. It's called Grandelash, and it made the biggest difference for her. Like, right away. Within a week and a half, two weeks, her lashes were so long. Unbelieveable, to the point where she had to cut them, they were growing so much."

Sounds too good to be true. Did you try it, Grace? "She turned me on to it and that's what I've been using ever since I stopped wearing lashes."

How often do you use it, Grace? "I put it on morning and night, twice a day. It's like a clear liquid, and you put it on like eyeliner."

Side effects, Grace? "Zero side effects."

And? Does it work? "Within two weeks, my lashes grew five times the length."

What? "I swear."

We're sold.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

Lash-growing serum, check. Up next, face serum–your FAQs, answered.