Dior Vernis in Blop


What could have possibly been happening over at Dior HQ when they decided to name their latest, greatest shade, “Blop”? Something ridiculous, hopefully. You could just imagine, the pristine office space that I assume is right around the corner from the Champs-Élysées, accordion music in the background, the scent of crèpes wafting in through an open window. An eager intern runs into a conference room balancing a several-scoops-high ice cream cone and trips. BLOP. A product marketing director looks up. “J'ai compris!”

It could also belie a certain French obsession with ‘60s era pop art. (For what it's worth, in the past year, Dior has hosted three events in the LA area, all synchronously soundtracked by the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas, and other songs that would fit nicely on the Big Little Lies track list. The sun-worshipping nostalgia is not lost on the fans.) Blop, along with the three other colors in Dior’s summer collection all could be color matched to a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Couple that with the sound effects of a Jackson Pollock and you’ve got a groovy summer of love theme that’ll take you all the way through to September. Ya hear that, Clambake! You’ve got stiff competition. Denim blue—quite possibly the shade of the summer. Please don't discontinue it!

—Emily Ferber

Photographed by the author.