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Essie Clambake Is The Nail Color Of The Summer—Win It Now!


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Everywhere you turn, there's Essie Clambake.. Consider it the red-orange lacquered dawn of summertime, along with back sweat and actual clambakes, dotting the nails of every person you know. Your cashier at Walgreen's is wearing Clambake. The Senior Digital Marketing Manager at your burgeoning beauty startup is trimmed in Clambake. A jewelry designer you shot for the website you work for chose Clambake for her fingers, but something different for her toes, which she couldn't remember at the time, but promised to follow up on via email. Summer is here. Wake up and smell the clams baking.

This is serious: Team ITG has encountered Essie's iconic red-orange no less than five times since Memorial Day, which, unofficially, makes it the color of the season. Blame that perfect hue; equal parts lobster tail and blood orange mimosa, with a dash of Clamato to taste. This is to say nothing of the formula, which is a classic for a reason—your summer manicure won't last all summer, but with a top coat (hello, Smith and Cult Above It All), you'll get much more than your money's worth.

Per Essie.com: "Dig into perfect summer sizzle. This fire-bright creamy red-orange lacquer serves up fond memories of festive nights at the beach." Ah, you're thinking, remember that festive night at the beach? What fond memories. I only remember that it was festive, and also, I was wearing Essie Clambake. Lean in to your summer fantasy. Paint your nails the color of Clamato. Everybody else is doing it!

Photographed by Anna Jube.