5 Makeup Looks To Last You All Summer Long


Life is full of rules: Pay your bills on time. Don't manspread while on the subway. Skip the makeup in the summer. Some rules are important for your credit score and for the comfort and safety of others. And some rules are meant to be broken.

You can totally wear makeup in the summer. In fact, we encourage it! Half the purpose of going to the beach is to feel fabulous and, luckily, makeup was built to help you do that. Of course, not all makeup is created equal and there are eyeliners, bronzers, and lip colors you should privilege if your goal is to sweat in your makeup and still look 100. Those very products are listed below. How convenient!

The Bare Minimum

Bronzed skin with some brow. The perfect look, any place, any time. Start with Alchimie Forever Skin Daily Defense Cream SPF 23, with a few drops of Dr. Hauschka's Translucent Bronzing Tip for protection and color in one step. After that, we're partial to Glossier Boy Brow since it's enough pigment to define brows, but not so much that it melts down your face in the heat.

Greta wears a shirt by Jil Sander, pants by Sandro Paris, shoes by Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and ear cuff by Hirotaka.

A Bit More Polish

Thanks to the matte bronzer to end all matte bronzer, Nars in Laguna. Define the eyes ever so slightly with Eyeko's Sport Mascara in Black. Now, contrast that with a lighter-than-usual lip—for Greta, that's Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Honor—paired with Ilia Multi Stick in At Last on the cheeks.

Greta wears a bodysuit by Live The Process, skirt by Brock Collection, necklace by Cyril, and earrings by Tilda Biehn.

A Blue Crush Pun Goes Here

It goes without saying—your eyeliner at the beach, in the sun, when it's hot, needs to be waterproof. Luckily the Chanel Stylo in Marine is very waterproof. Also chic AF. Get on with your high school self and stick a heavy swipe on the bottom lash line. But contrast with some bronzey levity on the lid, something like Make Cosmetics Dew Pot in Bronze 1. The lip here is Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Stylo in 207 Sepia and blush is Face Stockholm Creme Blush in Tripoli.

Greta wears a dress by Protagonist and earrings by Hirotaka.

If You're Serious

Nothing says "this is my sultry eye look" like a bunch of brown and gold eye makeup smeared together. Let it melt away like your inhibitions after a few tequilas and verses of "Despacito." Start with the certified all-natural eyeliner from Antonym in Dark Brown, followed by a mash of different Laura Mercier Caviar SticksCopper and Gilded Gold should do ya. Don't stop there—contour the cheeks with the RMS Contour Bronze and a little bit of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Golden Sand because that shade name is so good.

Greta wears a dress by Brock Collection, shoes by Maryam Nassir Zadeh, necklace by Cyril, and earrings by Hirotaka.

If You're Serious And Lazy

All you really need is two products: Jouer Waterproof eyeshadow crayon in Abstract and Oribe Lip Lust in The Nude. Boom. Done.

Greta wears a dress by Protagonist and earrings by Hirotaka.

Greta Varlese (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Ingeborg. Styled by Tchesmeni Leonard.

If you're serious and extra lazy, read here for blush you can wear to the beach-and that's it.