Now That You're Sold On Fake Lashes, Here's How To Apply Them

So you've been convinced to try false eyelashes—you're excited, you're nervous, you're envisioning your life with foreign fluffy bits attached to your eyelids. But now what? You've got a picture in your mind of how great you'll look... How do you make it reality?

It's actually very easy. But if you've never done it before, never fear, the makeup artist behind our fake lash story, Grace Ahn, is here to walk you through it. Press play above and follow along below and then go on and live your life right.

Step 1: Pick the right lashes

The world is full of lashes—heavy strip lashes, light strip lashes, single lashes, trio lashes... Which ones do you pick? Well, it depends on the look you're going for. The Nars Eyelash in Numero 8 work for a Twiggy-inspired bottom lash, but for a full glam look, opt for Sephora's Luxe False Lash in Flare.

Step 1.5: Pick the right glue

It's a standard for a reason: Duo Lash Adhesive is available for purchase literally anywhere. Grace also suggests the House of Lashes version for singles and trios (it dries a little faster than the Duo).

Step 2: Curl your lashes

Wake up! Use whatever curler you prefer (Grace is using the Surratt Relevée Lash Curler) to pick the lashes up a little and make the falsies blend in better to what you've already got going on.

Step 3: Apply!

The moment you've been waiting for. There are a couple of different techniques you can employ.

For a full lash:
- Dip the back of the strip into a small puddle of glue
- Let the glue dry a little and get tacky instead of wet
- As it dries, bend and twist the lash to help fit the shape of your eye
- Use either your hands or the Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator to apply the glue side to the top of your lash line

For individual lashes or trios:
- Tweezers are your friends here, get a trusty, pointy pair at the ready
- Dip the ends of the lash in a little glue puddle and apply as close to the root as possible

For bottom lashes:
- Same deal as the top lashes, but Grace used the House of Lashes glue to switch it up

Step 4: Dress them up!

To make the lashes that are not yours look as similar to yours as possible, wiggle a little mascara into the root and cover any visible strip with eyeliner. The goal here is to make the whole thing look seamless.

Step 5: Remove gently

Simple! Peel them if it feels comfortable, or dissolve the glue with a little bit of hot water first.

End scene.

Filmed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Grace Ahn. Reported by Claire Cohen. Video edited by Kevin Tadge.