Alexandra Richards, DJ


"I started DJing when I was 20—a lot of my friends were doing it when I moved to the city, and it was quite fun. One night, my friend asked me to fill in for her, and I had no idea what to do. I only knew how to use the mixer because we'd worked together before. My first set was a little bit Ramones, Judas Priest, ACDC, blues—it was very punk. It kind of matched who I was back then, which was very rock 'n' roll. We ended up packing the Mark Hotel and gaining a bit of a following, and we called ourselves Ebenezer Wolf Child. [Laughs] That was really fun.

Now I'm more into reggae—it's the best music to get ready to, to kind of zone out. If I'm going somewhere special, I like to have two hours to get ready, so I can do my hair and makeup and then go back and listen to music. I don't do masks, though. My sister has the most gorgeous skin and she does masks all the time... Meanwhile, I just break out. The thing I love to do, though, is apply pure honey to my face, before I get into the shower or right after. I got the idea from going to the Russian Baths and seeing all these other women doing it. I just started trying that.

In the shower, I use Frederic Fekkai shampoo, the pink one for blond and color-treated hair. I swear, after I use it, people ask me if I’ve gotten my hair done. Tonight, I just used Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. With this length, it’s become so easy to style. As soon as I get out of the shower, I lightly toss it and let it air dry to give it this beachy wave. It’s kind of my easy go-to—I like to keep my hair chill.

What I'm really excited about is my makeup. It finally feels like summer, so I want to do something bronzy—kind of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. That kind of makeup just brings my face to life. I only use this Dior Foundation on spots, because I don't like to look too powdery. What I actually use all over is this Jergen's Tinted Moisturizer in Medium, for an even, smooth base. Then I like to use one of Nars' pressed powders—Paloma is the best for contouring. That and the Steven Klein Cheek Palette [ed note: discontinued] are what I use the most. Milk's Highlight Stick in Lit is fabulous—so is their Sunshine Oil. You can put a little on your cheekbones and glow. A tan smoky eye, some bronzer... Sometimes I'll use the Kevyn Aucoin Bronzing Veil because it's incredible, but I can go overboard. Once, I put too much on in a dark bathroom and had my photo taken afterwards. That was awful.

Chanel Inimitable Mascara is amazing, but mine is really beaten up. So is my liquid eyeliner that I got at Ricky's—I think it's from Mary Quant, but it's impossible to see the label. I also have the Stila Stay All Day one, and the Kat Von D Tattoo, all in brown. I used to wear a lot more black, but I think there's something about brown that makes a green eye pop. And it's a bit sexier than having a really dark eye, a little softer. Plus I have two events tonight, so it has to work for both.

When I get home, I wash my face and try to drink a lot of water. I take off my makeup with Bioderma Créaline, and then I use Biologique Recherche, which is a pretty intense brand. They have this milky Lait U Cleanser I like that my dermatologist recommended. It's funny—I was traveling between Tulum and Miami for work, and the mix of the sun, water, and plane travel aggressively broke me out. I was at a hotel and they had Biologique products, so I bought the P50, and it completely cleared up my skin. That's why I stick to what works. If I go off of my regimen, that's when the breakouts happen."

—as told to ITG

Alexandra Richards photographed by Tom Newton in New York on April 12, 2017.

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