Duckie Thot, Model


"As long as you have good company, you'll have a good night out. I try to get my friends together and go to a nice restaurant for dinner, and then we'll go to the Sixty Soho for drinks, and we might go to the club after. Maybe 1OAK or something, it depends. I love to dance—you'll see me dancing at the club with a drink in my hand, usually a margarita. I always try to dress up, too... You'll never catch me in flats or jeans when I'm out, always a dress and heels. That's a thing for me.

I can't really beat my face. Duckie doesn't do makeup so well. My sister teaches me things—whenever we used to go out I'd ask her to do my makeup, because she was always better at it. I'm still working on my eyeliner wing. [Laughs] I usually go for a gel at night, I have this gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown that I love. I could never apply fake lashes, but they always look so good... Instead I just use the Max Factor Volume Mascara. I love when my lashes look long—it just opens everything up. My lipstick tonight is a nude Kat Von D Crucifix Liner just to give some color. But Duckie's also going through a dark lip phase—MAC in Living Legend is the one I've been reaching for. I like Lucas Pawpaw for my lips, too, which is an Aussie thing. I make sure to always have one of those with me.

MAC Studio Fix in NW50 is my base. They have a really great color palette with red undertones. I loved the Matchmaster in 10 but they discontinued it... They're done. It's so sad. It was the perfect tone! I only have a little left. I apply with my fingers, but I'll use a Beautyblender if I'm feeling really bougie. My blush is MAC's Burnt Pepper, and I've been using Pat McGrath's Skin Fetish in Golden. I love her makeup—she has a gorgeous gloss as well. I do my cheekbones and bit in the browbone. It's really shiny. Maybe it's because I'm in New York, but I feel like the more glitter, the better.

I'm wearing a weave tonight. I like wearing them because a lot of people don't know what to do otherwise. I'm going to be 100% real—a lot of people don't know what to do with black hair. I remember when I'd just started modeling, I went [on jobs] with my natural hair and they just looked at me. I just decided I was going to make it easier for them and meet them halfway—this way people can stick a curling iron in my hair. When I moved to New York [from Australia], it was different, because black culture is much stronger here. There's a much easier flow working with people. My look, however, is a bang. I got them with Pat—on my first shoot, she came in and looked at me, and I had no idea what she had planned. She was like, 'A bang...' So we did a short little bang and long hair. It just became my look. Everyone really loved it.

At the end of the night, I’m very serious about cleaning my face and having good skin. For my line of work in particular, you have to constantly wipe your makeup off and put it back on two or three times. You know? For taking off my makeup in particular I love Simple—the drugstore brand. It’s so basic and easy, and you can find it anywhere. I fly a lot, and I always buy it at the airport. They'll take away my Moisturizing Facial Wash in security, but it's OK, because I can just buy another. [Laughs]

I love my Glow Mask from Frank Body, it’s like a creamy moisturizer. It doesn’t dry up and it feels really beautiful on the skin. It makes me feel really fresh. There's also this Cactus Skincare White Clay Mask—I love to do that while I’m watching a movie chilling out. A mask right before bed—that's great."

—as told to ITG

Duckie Thot photographed by Tom Newton in New York on May 4, 2017.