Eyeshadow (Finally) Made Easy


This would be a great time to tell you that eyeshadow has come a long way in the past few decades or so—ever since abandoning the whole lead thing, in favor of ingredients that aren't trying to kill you—but the truth is that the category leaves a lot to be desired. Blushes, lipsticks, even eyeliner are constantly being reformulated for ease of use (by 2025, they will all be activated by mental keywords) while your good old eyeshadow palette sits patiently in its square pot, waiting for its moment. In 2017, that moment has come. Early!

In one corner, we've got the Powder: Tom Ford's summer eyeshadow palette, encased in a package so luxe it is literally described as a "clutch" on the company's website. And while there are no innovations in application here (we'll get to those), the keystone here is color. The lovely Deanna Hagan constructed the full eye look from two shades—a wash of iridescent bronzy goodness on top and a quick underline with the deeper brown on the bottom lashes. The product is so finely milled that it is literally fun to apply with brush or fingers.

And on the other side of the price and texture spectrum, there's L'Oréal's new Infallible Eye Paints—dual-ended wands that deposit a clean foil of color anywhere you deign to shade. (Hopefully on your eyes.) They're already paired for complementary color, so Deanna used Aqua Aura and Brb Blue in tandem to create a colorful and dimensional spring lid. The Eye Paints, by the way, are the current obsession of everybody at Glossier HQ—great color, ease of use, phenomenal price point. 2025, your move.

Monica Tomas (Wilhelmina) photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Deanna Hagan.