How To Be Cool, With Slick Woods


Slick Woods is cool. Cool enough to walk Rihanna's latest Fenty show, pull off a shaved head like it's a t-shirt, and be named Slick Woods. Slick, ITG asked when she swung by our office in November, tell us—are people born cool, or do they have coolness thrust upon them? The answer was a little of both. "When I was growing up, nobody wanted to be me—being me wasn't cool. I used to be the kid that nobody wanted to be around. I've fought so hard to be comfortable being me. Now I'm in your Instagram Discover feed." A comforting takeaway—coolness can happen to any of us.

Not to drive the point home or anything, but Slick is also a McGrath muse—a member of a VERY cool group of women that includes Paloma Elsesser and Naomi Campbell, among others. "I didn't know anything about makeup until Pat taught me where my cheekbones were," she laughed. She took to Pat's Metamorphosis 005 Kit in Copper like a champ, mixing the Mehron liquid with the cream color all over her palm and dragging it across her face. It was a look—and as with everything she does, Slick pulled it right off.

The second technique she tried was more subtle—just a rub of the cream color on her eyelids. That's the beauty of the kit: four great products that play together, but four great products all their own. Slick also deconstructed Pat's Skin Fetish 003 Kit and subbed the highlighter stick for lip balm as a slick (sorry), ultra-moisturized lip. "Pat's shit is the best," she said. On the lashes, Maybelline Lash Stiletto—it's her favorite. Until Pat comes out with one, Maybelline will have to do.

Slick Woods photographed by Tom Newton.

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