Red Makeup, Two Ways


Red lipstick is an obvious staple in most makeup bags, which is kind of funny, if you think about it: bright crimson is a given, while navy blue—a neutral, according to J.Crew!—is a hard pass. But if you ask anybody about red lipstick, their answer has less to do with shades and hues and more with ideas and feelings. Red is an attitude, a kiss, a look. Red is also a revolution, according to Chanel's recent Kristen Stewart-fronted makeup campaign. A dramatic sentiment, maybe, but understood. (Sorry, navy. Maybe 2017 is your year?)

Maybe they're not sparking any kind of civil unrest, but Chanel certainly makes red makeup wearable and, impossibly, versatile. Amila Estevão has demonstrated two different ways you could go with it within a 12-hour period. The tutorials are as follows, although they're so easy that "tutorial" doesn't really do it justice:

The 9—5: One thing is all you need—Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre Long Wear Eyeshadow in Rouge Brûlé. The smooth, bouncy texture makes it a dream to apply, but just stick to your lids for a terra cotta wash and a little bit of shimmer. Look at you, all daring with your makeup. If your coworkers don't mention it, it's because they're intimidated by your sense of adventure.

The 5—9: Permission to go all out. This look is actually achieved with two Chanel lipsticks: the ruby Rouge Tentation pressed into the cheekbones, and the melon-y Mélodieuse on the lips. The end result is something that approaches disco without going full Studio 54, which makes it particularly suited for your office happy hour. Red lipstick, applied everywhere but—revolutionary, no?

Amilna Estevão (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Liset Garza (The Wall Group).

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