One Makeup Trick For Maximum Dew


Living in New York (or any city, for that matter) in the summer is a little like experiencing the biblical plagues—from June 'til September, it’s an endless onslaught of unpleasantries, and they come in waves. In NYC particularly, there are only three: First, a distinct hot garbage smell pervades the streets. Then, like the locusts, the tourists all arrive and clog the city’s air-conditioned coffeeshops. And finally: the sweat. Remember what it was like to arrive at work in the morning dry? No, us neither.

With great respect to the Book of Exodus and the Pharaoh Bill de Blasio, it’s time to reclaim sweat on behalf of all New Yorkers. Luckily a few weeks ago, makeup artist Ingeborg visited the office (again!) and gifted us one hot dewy skin tip—because when your skin is going to look slick anyway, why fight it? Instead of applying your makeup and hoping for the best, embrace your inevitable, heat-induced dew:

“Some people think that shine is a faux pas, but I love it. To maximize that dewy look, I like to layer moisturizer over foundation—it makes the skin look more luminous and ties everything together really nicely.” As demonstrated above on Natasha Ramachandran, she layered Glossier Priming Moisturizer over Nars All Day Foundation for a hydrated, light-catching glow. For dryer skin, Ingeborg recommends Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, which does the job just as well.

But maybe allover shine isn’t your game—that’s OK, too! Maybe just try Ingeborg’s melty, subway-ready eye. Ingeborg layered multiple shades of Maquillage Professionels' Creme Face Palette for a melted, lived-in wash of color (topped with a dollop-per-eye of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and a few healthy coats of Kiko Milano Mascara). Don’t be afraid to load on the product—it's your only defense against a wet hot metropolitan summer.

Natasha Ramachandran (Next) photographed by Tom Newton.

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