The Jane Birkin Eye, With Georgia Fowler


Making up a face like Georgia Fowler's is not a chore—neither is putting her in a bunch of fancy underwear and rolling around in some bedding on the floor. When she was on set at Glossier HQ a few months ago, makeup was pretty simple—just Glossier Phase 2 as applied by the lovely Ingeborg. But of course, after the shoot wrapped is when the real magic happens—Ingeborg went off script with the liner and mascara with the lazy, bedroom eyes thing still in mind ("I like when the top and bottom lines don't meet—it's very Jane Birkin," quoth the artist). And while Ingeborg worked, Georgia imparted some liner tips of her own:

"I try not to do much makeup, because I think skin looks better when it's moisturized—I use Embryolisse under anything I put on. But I always wear mascara, either Maybelline Lots of Lashes Triangular Mascara or MAC Zoom Lash in Zoomblack. I like to use lots of mascara, and then I'll apply eyeliner—right now I'm wearing Laura Mercier Kajal d'Orient Liner. Even the slightest angle can change my eye shape so much. If I do it wrong, it makes my eye look really little. You have to cheat the liner angle up. I tend to only start my eyeliner from halfway, drawn out from the middle of my lashes... I think it makes my eyes look bigger. I'll try to apply the mascara on the diagonal too, to get that winged look."

—as told to ITG


Georgia Fowler photographed by Tom Newton.

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