More Reasons To Love Gigi Hadid


I’ve been on team Gigi Hadid since day one. I saw her on the Real Housewives, I saw her V Magazine spreads with Sebastian Faena, her CR cover with Bruce Weber. I was captivated. Then I found her Instagram. Then we shot her Top Shelf. And her After Dark. She’s an angel through and through. And you know what? She says hi to me when she sees me backstage. I need nothing else.

Anyway, she’s been busy—understandably so. Walking the VS show, competing on Lip Sync Battle, being a Sports Illustrated girl, starring in two too many music videos and, of course, snatching up Vogue covers.

The Camilla Akrans story above, shot for Vogue Germany, is special though (these are just five of the images—for the rest, click here). It’s a little bit weird, some of the shots feel like outtakes, and the collages feel like they’ve been pulled from three differently-themed shoots, but somehow it works. It feels honest and a little raw. The detail shot of her eyebrows where you see her scar, the bobby pin showing in her hair... There are a lot of little beautiful pieces at work here. And Gigi looks better than ever, thanks to some Wendy Rowe magic. The look is bronzed, almost greasy looking skin, achieved with some strategic foundation and a barely-there contour and highlight. Messy princess hair c/o my new favorite hairstylist Franco Gobbi.

So please, join team Gigi, or I’ll have to force feed you cute YouTube videos of her 'til you change your mind.

—Tom Newton

Photos via Vogue Germany.

Wendy Rowe taught us some more makeup looks back in October—and they're pretty easy to recreate, too.