Spring Braids Two Ways

The world of braids is as wide as it is woven, so why stick to just one video tutorial on this fine May day? Might as well do two for the price of one (OK, so they're free, but you only had to click once, so there). The very adorable Rubi Jones came in to demonstrate along with model Delaney Masal, who's got that hair down to there that everyone's slamming Biotin to get. Grab some salt spray, some elastics, and maybe a friend if your arms can only reach so far and follow along.

First, there's what Rubi coined “The Waterfall Braid,” which is a nice, asymmetrical take on the half-pony with a little more detail. That one's above. Below, we have the somewhat more in-depth fishtail bun, featuring two vertically stacked braids wrapping around each other. Both are very romantic—it's just a matter of choosing which one to do first.

Rubi Jones and Delaney Masal (Major Models) shot by Tom Newton. Video produced by Hannah Hafey.